WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Clearomizer Vape Tanks

Best Clearomizer E Cig Tanks Online For Sale

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  1. Aspire Nautilus 5ML Tank w/ Adjustable Airflow System
    Aspire Nautilus 5ML Clearomizer Vape Tank | Nautilus BVC 5ml E Cig Tank
    PID :1702
    Special Price $29.95 Regular Price $49.95
  2. Kanger Glass Tube - Subtank Mini
    Kanger Glass Tube - Subtank Mini
    PID :2304
    Special Price $4.95 Regular Price $9.95
  3. YoCan Handy VV Box Mod 500 mAh
    YoCan Handy VV Box Mod 500 mAh
    PID :4889
    As low as $16.95
  4. Subtank RBA DIY OCC Coils
    KangerTech Subtank Mini RBA DIY OCC Vape Coils- 0.5 Ohm
    PID :2168
    Special Price $9.95 Regular Price $19.95
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Clearomizer Vape Tanks

Clearomizers are also referred as ‘tanks’. A clearomizer vape tank consists of a central tube. It is attached to a wick-and-coil-containing atomizer head, with a small tank for your e-liquid surrounding it. A filament or coil unit is contained inside the vape tank. It is heated to produce the vapor from your electronic cigarette.

An atomizer is also referred to as vape coils’ or ‘wicks’ of any clearomizer vape tank. When heated, it vaporizes the e-liquid of your e cig. At VapingZone, we offer a variety of high-quality atomizer vape coils from the top manufacturing brands like KangerTech, SmokTech, Aspire at the best prices.

You can always check the level of e liquid as clearomizers are a transparent tank.

There are two layouts of clearomizers to fill your e liquid.

  • Top Fill Clearomizer Tanks (usually long wicks)

  • Bottom Fill Clearomizer Tanks

Both the tanks work well. But, most of the vapers prefer bottom fill clearomizers as your e-juice doesn’t have to fight gravity to make its way up to the coil.

Clearomizer tanks come with two options

  • Disposable

  • Replaceable Vape Coils


Some vape tanks containing coil units, replaceable atomizer heads. If you prefer replaceable coils clearomizer, replace the coils on a regular basis. This will give you the best vaping experience.

To choose a right vape tank, you must consider the battery in which your vape tank gets attached. If the battery's power level is too high or too low to accommodate the ohm rating of the clearomizer coil unit; your vape tank may not function properly.

The best clearomizer vape tanks are made in different materials like plastic, resin, and glass. Stronger e-liquids such as spearmint and hot cinnamon should always be used in a glass clearomizer tank.

Clearomizers are available in different sizes, styles, and resistance levels. Clearomizer tanks are easy to use, refillable, options with replaceable coils, and produce good vapor.

Vaping Zone offers the best clearomizer tanks to fit most of the batteries. Clearomizers have eGo threading, which means they work on mid-sized e-cigarettes. We have disposable CE4 type tanks that work well with eGo ecig batteries

Clearomizers are compatible with most of the ecig mods. You must have an adapter to get compatible with the mod. Clearomizer is small in size so you can fill limited e liquid.

To solve this issue, we have Vape Tanks and Sub Ohm Tanks.

Vape Tanks/ Sub Ohm Vape Tanks:


Sub ohm vape tanks are bigger than clearomizer so you don't need to fill your vape tank often. It is refillable, replaceable vape coils, produces good vapor. Vape tanks are 510 connections compatible. Sub ohm tanks work at higher wattages. It has adjustable airflow and temperature controllable.

Users can also opt for coils that can be rebuilt from raw wire and cotton. These options are usually found in the sub ohm style e cig tanks.

At VapingZone, you will find an extensive collection of tanks. Whether you are looking for a new Atomizer, cartomizer, Clearomizer, vape tank, or Sub-Ohm vape tank; we have the best quality and latest technology tanks for your vaping needs.

At VapingZone, we have clearomizers that work with 510 style cigarette size units, and high capacity and sub-ohm clearomizer e-cig tanks that are designed to use on larger units or e-cig mods.

Get the best vape tanks at the affordable prices offered by the VapingZone.