WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Kanger T3-D eGo Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) Clearomizer Tank

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KangerTech T3D BDC Clearomizer Tank Metal: The Kanger T3D is a dual coil clearomizer tank bottom coil changeable to provide nice warm vapor. The T3-D is a bottom coil clearomizer with eGo connection. You can buy Kanger T3D single piece or pack of 5 or in bulk.

Kanger T3D eGo BDC Clearomizer Tank

New Version

KangerTech T3-D eGO is an improved and better version of Kanger’s unbeatable T3 series. The dual bottom coil atomizer maintains the looks of other T3 products but provides even better vape and vape flavor.

Kanger T3-D eGo is not an ordinary Clearomizer tank; it is a product of Kanger’s continuous efforts to make the E Cig technology better and better. With replaceable Kanger T3D coils, it provides a lot of customization opportunity. Now, users can go for coils they like with Kanger T3D clearomizer tank.

Kangertech T3D eGo’s solid design, combining metal and polycarbonate, makes it unbreakable and shockproof. Its tiny size is pocket-friendly. Therefore it is easy to carry anywhere. This Clearomizer is compatible with Ego series batteries such as the Joye Ego-Tank, Joye Ego-C, Joye Ego-C Twist and Vision Spinner battery.

The dual coil atomizer with its 1.5 ohm Kanger T3D coils produces clean vape flavor and satisfying vapors. Requiring a bit higher power than other T3s, T3-D eGo is compatible with eGo series e cig batteries and can be used with 510 threaded batteries by attaching a 510 to eGo adapter. Click here to buy e cig batteries for Kanger T3D tank.

T3-D eGo’s small size, solid and maintenance free design, ready availability, and excellent performance makes it the Clearomizer tank that you always desired. Click here to buy Kanger T3D vape coils.

What do you get in the Kanger T3D kit?

  • Kanger T3D eGo Clearomizer Vape Tank (1 no.)

Kanger T3D eGo Clearomizer Tank Specifications-

  • Dimensions: 3 inches (Length) X 9/16 inches (Diameter)

  • Vape tank capacity: 2.2 ml

  • Bottom dual vape coils

  • Replaceable atomizer heads

  • Compatible with eGo e-cig batteries

  • Material: Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate

  • Bottom Dual Coil (same atomizer head as Protank 3 and Aerotank)

  • Replaceable Atomizer Heads

  • Removable Mouth-Piece (compatible with most 510 drip tips)

  • Ego Threaded

Features of the Kanger T3D Clearomizer Tank-

  • Dual coil design provides clean, long lasting flavors and satisfying vape production

  • Reduced wicking issues due to bottom fill design

  • Solid design makes it shockproof

  • Pocket-friendly vape tank size

  • Customization option available using replaceable vape coils

  • Compatible with 510 threaded ecig batteries if adapter is used and Replacement Base


How to refill the e-liquid in the T3D Dual Bottom Coil Clearomizer Tank:

1. Hold the T3-D clearomizer upside down

2. Unscrew the bottom coil

3. Pour e-juice into the tube

4. Screw the bottom coil back on the T3-D clearomizer

Kanger T3D Instructions-

When unscrewing the T3-D clearomizer from the battery, please do NOT turn only the tube, this will cause the bottom coil to separate from the tank and cause the e-liquid to leak out.

Please turn the bottom coil and make sure the tube and bottom coil do not separate.

VapingZone offers the original Kanger T3D clearomizer tank at affordable prices. Read the Kanger T3D reviews by our customers and be sure to buy this amazing vape gadget.

Sorry, but there is no warranty or replacement on Kanger T3D clearomizers tanks.
E-liquid must be filled properly and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.

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