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Kanger eGo T2 Replacement Coil Heads- 5 Pack- 2.2ohm

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Genuine Kangertech T2 Replacement Coil Heads Long Wick: This is a Kanger T2 replacement coils 5 pack (eGo Thread) specifically designed for the Kanger T2 clearomizer.

Kanger eGo-T2 Replacement Vape Coil - 5 Pack - 2.2ohm

This authentic Kanger T2 replacement coils replace the old worn out coil unit in the Kanger t2 clearomizer tank. You may consider purchasing brand new vape coils when you notice that the cloud production is reduced and the flavors taste muted. You can still use your old vape coils; however, you are inhaling chemicals produced from the burnt cotton along with the ejuice and that can’t be good. So, it’s best to change your vape coils and always have some at home as for reserve. It is straightforward to replace the coils by removing the mouthpiece from the Kanger T2 eGo clearomizer tank and unscrewing the existing coil from the top of the T2 tank. The unique design makes replacing the T2 coil convenient and practical.

Long silica wicks allow the e-liquid to feed evenly into the coil and provide consistently excellent flavor. Kanger eGo T2 replacement coils are rated at 2.2 Ohm resistance for a balance of great cloud and flavor and are available in packs of 5. Please ensure that your eGo style ecig battery that you are using the 2.2 Ohm coils on has enough amps to safely power it before purchase.

KangerTech has carried out great research and testing to ensure that these T2 ego vape coils deliver excellent reliability all for an affordable price. These Kanger T2 replacement coils are leak proof, having a small rubber gasket placed onto the center, this ensures a tight seal with you screw it into the tank. So, you will not run into having leaking issues with the Kangertech T2 ego vape coils at all. With this coil fitted into your eGo style tank, the maximum e-juice capacity will be around 2.4 ml.

The Kanger T2 replacement coil has a unique top coil design; this means that there will be longer cotton wicks dropping down into the tank of juice. With Kanger making use of Organic Cotton Coil from the subtank series, you will notice great performance concerning cloud production and more intense flavor that is not usually experienced with most coils. When you purchase your brand new coils, to get maximum flavor, please ensure that the coil is fully saturated before use. Before you insert the vape coil, it’s always advisable to pour a few drops directly into the coil and the cotton wicks and fill up the tank allowing it to sit upright for 15 minutes. This will ensure that the cotton is nicely soaked up inside your Kangertech T2 replacement coils before use preventing dry hits to occur. Depending on how you vape, each coil should last around 1-2 weeks before you will need to replace it again.

100% Original 5 pack Coil Unit for Kanger T2 (eGo Thread) Long Wick CC Clearomizer 2.4ml Atomizer

Please note that there are many non-authentic Kangertech T2 ego vape coils sold on today’s vaping market. At vapingzone.com, we can guarantee that all our products are authentic to provide the best possible vaping experience for you.

Specifications Of the Kanger eGo T2 Replacement Coil:

  • Brand Name- KangerTech

  • Compatible Model- KangerTech T2 CC Clearomizer

  • Resistance:2.2 +/- 0.2ohm

Package Content:

  • 5 x Kanger T2 Replacement Coils

Please be sure that the vape coil unit is screwed into the cartomizer tightly. If you get few vapors when you use, try to make the clear cartomizer upside down to let the fiber wick and coil get e-liquid, which is on the top of the cartomizer. It has 4.70mm Long wick.

How to change or replace Kanger T2 eGo vape coil:

  • Unscrew the Kanger T2 clearomizer tank.

  • Hold the coil tightly.

  • Turn the bottom to unscrew.

  • Put your brand new clean coil and screw the bottom until it becomes tight.

  • Hold the tank, screw at the bottom until it’s tight. Put mouthpiece and you are ready to go.

Frequently asked questions are how often should I change the coil, how many time I should replace the Kanger T2 coil. And the answer is; It is up to you. But I recommend replacing eGo T2 vape coils by KangerTech in 2 weeks. So what are you waiting for? Keep some Kanger T2 Replacement Coils in your stock today!

Sorry, but there is no warranty or replacement on atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers or tanks.
E-liquid must be filled properly and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.
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