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Kanger SSOCC Replacement Vape Coils (5-Pack) For Subtank

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5 Pack - Kanger - Subtank SSOCC Coil - The KangerTech SSOCC stainless steel organic cotton coils is an awesome line of atomizer heads. These replacement atomizer heads are built with high-grade stainless steel alloy that are long lasting than the standard Kanthal resistance wire and Japanese organic cotton wicks that produce a nice vape for your ejuice.

Replacement Coil for Subtank Tank Only

SSOCC Coil by Kanger for Subtank

The Subtank SSOCC coil by Kangertech is a replacement vape coil unit for Kanger Sub-Tank and Top-Tank Clearomizers. The E-cig coil is housed in a stainless-steel casing and is filled with organic cotton wicking to allow for optimal vape flavor and performance. At VapingZone, we offer several resistance options: 0.5ohm and 1.5ohm nichrome e-cigarette coils for variable wattage units and 0.15ohm nickel coils for temperature controlled units. The bases of the E-cig coils are color coded for easy identification. SSOCC Coil by Kanger for Subtank is available in packs of 5.

Do you know what is exasperating about most replacement vaping coils?

The long 30 minutes of waiting for the e-juice to soak before vaping. This improved Kanger Sub tank SSOCC coils is ready for vaping straight away and does not require waiting for the vapor juice to soak before vaping; it takes less time to wick and prime due to the enhanced cotton arrangement.

It is built with the fusion of oxidized Stainless Steel which invariably prevents arcing of the complete set of your e-cigarettes thus the lifespan of your vaping gadgets is elongated, and it saves you the cost of purchasing new e-cigarettes or Kanger SSOCC replacement coils for a very long time.

These KangerTech SSOCC replacement vape coils are cylindrical in shape and therefore take lesser space or volume in the e-juice tank, what it implies is that you are provided with an extra space which allows you to enjoy more flavor emission from the heated e-juice. It is wider when compared to the initial SSOCC coils as more space is created to accommodate more cotton to quash leakage.

The upgraded Kangertech SSOCC replacement coils feature about two wicking holes but the air passage is wide enough for easy air flow, and the occurrence of spitting hit juice and burnt taste is prevented hence you are left to have that ethereal vaping experience you cherish the most. These replacement atomizer heads are compatible with KangerTech sub tanks, KangerTech sub tank plus, subtank mini, subtank Nano, subtank Nebox, subtank top box, and KangerTech Subox Mini-C Tank.

Features Of Kangertech SSOCC replacement coils-

Stainless Steel casing: This upgraded Kanger sub tank SSOCC are embedded with Stainless casing unlike most replacement coils from other manufacturers that are usually coated with an aluminum coating. This feature gives it a distinct pattern of designs when compared to other vaping coils.

Cylindrical shaped: The old OCC replacement coils are cuboids’ shaped and occupied virtually half of the tank thus leaving a smidgen space for e-juice storage, but the SSOCC is cylindrical in shape and frees the volume of space of the tank it is embedded.

Wire material: The KangerTech SSOCC replacement coils is available in Nichrome wire, Kanthal wire, and Nickel wire thus giving you an avalanche of varieties to choose from.

Color and Etching identifications: The various replacement coils are identified by means of colors and etching. The Ni200 coil is used to represent the Nickel wire and it is denoted with the blue color, also NiCr coil is etched with NC which is written on the head of the coils and denoted with the color red. It is pertinent you know that Vaping Zone offers only Nickel coils and Nichrome e-cigarette coils for now.

Organic cotton: It is wicked with organic cotton material that is free of pesticides and GMO void hence that flavorful vaping taste experience is certified.

Specifications of the KangerTech SSOCC Replacement Coils, Recommended wattage and Resistance -

Kanger SSOCC NiCr Coils:

  • Wire material: Nichrome

  • Wattage and resistance: 15W-60W and a resistance of 0.5 ohm and 1.5 ohm.

  • Cannot accommodate temperature control mode.

  • Pure flavor and huge vapor cloud.

  • Evenly vaporized juice and free of burning taste.

Kanger SSOCC Ni200 vape coils:

  • Wire: Nickel

  • It requires temperature control mode because Nickel wire has a more linear relationship between temperature and resistance.

  • The resistance of 0.15 ohms

  • Pure taste

  • Compatible with all KangerTech subtanks.

  • Wire material: stainless steel

  • Wicking material: pure Japanese organic cotton

  • Available resistances: 0.2Ω, 0.5Ω, 1.2Ω, 1.5Ω, 0.15Ω (nickel), 0.5Ω (Clapton)

Available Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil (SSOCC) Replacements:

  • 0.15Ω SSOCC Ni-200 (Ni-200 Coils are for temperature controlled devices)

  • 0.2Ω SSOCC

  • 0.5Ω SSOCC

  • 0.5Ω SSOCC Clapton Coil (the clapton coil builds have a greater surface area for increased vapor production!)

  • 1.2Ω SSOCC

  • 1.5Ω SSOCC

The Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coil Heads are Compatible with the Following Devices -

  • Kanger Subtank

  • Kanger Subtank Plus

  • KangerTech Subtank Mini

  • KangerTech Subtank Nano

  • Kanger NEBOX

  • Kanger SUBVOD

Replacement Coil for Kanger Subtank Tank Only

Sorry, but there is no warranty or replacement on atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers or tanks.
E-liquid must be filled properly and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.
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