WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Kanger T4 510 Clearomizer, 1ml Vape Tank, 2.2ohm - Single Pc

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Kanger T4 510 Clearomizer; 1ml Clearomizer Vape Tank; 2.2ohm is the new and improved version of this Kanger Clearomizer. This 1ml Kanger T4 Clearomizer tank features a secure screw-on drip tip plus clear vape tank design for ease of refilling. The Kanger T4 Clearomizer fits perfectly onto a 510 EGO battery and holds 1 ml of e-liquid; precise measurements are marked out on the tank for your convenience. This is the reason it called as a 1ml clearomizer tank.

Kanger T4 510 Clearomizer; 1ML Clearomizer Vape Tank

The slim, compact design makes this Kanger T4 510  clearomizer easy to carry around in your pocket or bag. For quick and satisfying vaping, simply pour in your favorite e-liquid, prime the 1ML clearomizer, then you're good to go. This popular Kanger T4 clearomizer gives you versatility and choice when it comes to vaping.

Combining the trusted Kanger E-cig brand quality with a multitude of improved design features, the Kanger T4 510 Clearomizer offers you

  • 1. speed
  • 2. ease
  • 3. convenience

to enhance your vaping experience. The transparent vaping tank holds 1ml of e-liquid and is marked with clearly defined measurements, so that you can see the minimum and maximum fill levels at a glance. No more guesswork means more precise amount of e-liquid and a fully visible wick inside the vape tank. 

Neat and slim in design with a secure screw-on drip tip, this Kanger t4 clearomizer vaporizer is easy to refill:

How to fill Kanger T4 510 Clearomizer Tank

1. Slowly pour in your favorite 1ml e liquid

2. Spin around gently to thoroughly saturate the wick, prime for use.

3. You're ready to vape at your leisure.

You can see your e-liquid level clearly and it fits perfectly on a 510 ego battery and works as well as other Kanger products.

Capacity: 1ml of e liquid and is easily refillable.

The Kanger T4 Clearomizer works with a 510 E-Cig battery and provides a satisfying vaping experience with a minimal amount of effort required. Compact and portable, this 510 Kanger clearomizer is ideal for carrying around in your pocket or bag for vaping on the go.

The practicality of the clear 1ml tank and the easy-screw tip has made this a popular choice of clearomizer for vape enthusiasts who want a hassle-free vaping encounter with no messy spillage. You can buy Kanger T4 510 Clearomizer vape tank or 1ml clearomizer tank at affordable prices at VapingZone, Columbia, USA.

Please note, there is no warranty or replacement on Kanger T4 510 Clearomizer Vape Tank.

E-liquid must be appropriately filled and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.

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