WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Kanger Protank and EVOD Replacement Vape Coil (5 Pack)

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Practice good e-cig tank maintenance and consider replacing your vape coils regularly. At VapingZone, we have the original Kangertech replacement vape coils for Protank and EVOD. These pack of 5 Kanger e cig replacement coils are compatible with Kanger Protank, EVOD tank and Unitank. These replacement coils are available in 2.2ohms and 2.5ohms and will help prolong the life of your e-cig for a better vaping experience.

Replacement Coils For Kanger Protank and EVOD

For an enhanced vaping sensation with full vape flavor and thick cloud production, you need to switch out your e cig's bottom coil. Avoid that bad burnt taste and poor cloud production by regularly replacing your e-cig coils. These replacement coils come in an economical 5-pack, with each coil sealed in its own separate blister pack for convenience. Keep some at home, one at work, and one in your car to ensure you always have a replacement coil heads to hand when you need one.

This pack of 5 Kanger eVod coils offers excellent value for money, saving you the hassle and cost of continually buying new tanks and wasting e-liquid. The flavor of your e-Juice will be enhanced when you switch your dead coil to these Kanger e cig coils.

Vaping enthusiasts recommend replacing your e-cig's bottom coil the moment you start noticing weak vape clouds, burnt tasting e-liquid, signs of leakage, and a reduction in vaping satisfaction. These Kanger e cig replacement vape coils for your protank or EVOD are easy to replace. You will have to simply unscrew, fit, and reassemble - and these coils are made from the high-quality components associated with the trusted Kanger brand name. Compatible with Kangertech Protank, EVOD and Unitank, and available in 2.2ohms and 2.5ohms, these replacement coils will enhance your vaping time, giving you a fresh taste and clean aroma with excellent cloud production. You can buy Kanger eVod eGo bottom coil clearomizer 1.7ml tank, 2.2 ohm at best prices at VapingZone. Also check Kanger Clearomizer Tanks here!

Prolong your e-cig's lifespan and keep on top of vape tank maintenance - this is important to help you get the most out of your products. Replace your bottom coils as often as required, dependent on how often you vape throughout the day.

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