WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Kangertech Coils T3S/MT3S Bottom Coil Replacement (5 Pack)

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Kangertech T3S/MT3S Coils: Prolong the life of your Kanger e-cig with this Kangertech T3S replacement bottom coils. These Kangertech coils made from durable high-grade components for a long-lasting coil, and are easy to fit and replace, and will help you get the best vape flavor out of your regular e-cig.

Available in 2.2ohms and 2.5ohms, these Kangertech coils offer you the trusted Kanger brand quality and ensures that you will not experience burnt taste while vaping.

Kangertech Coils: T3S & MT3S Bottom Coil Replacement

Give your favorite e-cig a new lease of life by replacing your burnt-out bottom coil with these Kangertech coils. Available in 2.2ohms and 2.5ohms, and compatible with Kanger T3S and MT3S, these premium quality vape coils are durable and feature the high-caliber components associated with the supremely popular Kanger brand. It is compatible with Kanger T3S Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC) Tank.

It is recommended you change the bottom T3S/MT3S coil of your e-cig when you start to notice any leakage, poor flavor sensation, or a reduction in vapor production. Be sure to change your T3S/ MT3S bottom coils regularly to keep your e-cig in perfect condition, to enjoy full depth of e cig juice flavor with the best vape clouds.

How to replace Kangertech Coils: T3S/MT3S-

These Kangertech coils are quick and easy to fit in just a few simple steps.

1. Unscrew the bottom cap and atomizer of your e-cig,

2. Replace with a new T3S coil,

3. Fill the clearomizer tank with fresh e-liquid,

4. Reassemble the parts.

Once the bottom coil has been switched, you will notice a significant increase in flavor concentration and vapor cloud production, enhancing your vaping experience for complete satisfaction. Kangertech coils will dramatically extend the lifespan of your e-cig, saving you time and money. The benefits of having fitted a new T3S/MT3S coil include augmented overall performance, thicker cloud formation, and a distinct lack of that unpleasant burnt taste which can spoil your e-liquid essence, so consider changing your vape coils today!

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