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VZ eGo Bumpers

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Protect your investment of electronic cigarette with these rubber bumpers.  If your e cig battery falls over, the bumper will catch the brunt of the fall.

VZ eGo Bumpers

Protect your investment with these rubber bumpers. If your battery falls over, the bumper will catch the brunt of the fall.

While electronic cigarettes are highly advanced in terms of technology, its components such as e cig batteries are extremely delicate. If they fall or get dropped, there are major chances of the fragile parts and circuits inside getting permanently damaged. However, these eGo bumpers help to prevent that from happening!

Features Of the VZ eGo Bumpers:

Simple Design:-

These bands are made to wrap sturdily around your electronic cigarette battery – rest assured, you don’t have to figure out complex instructions. They fit snugly around the ecig batteries for effective protection. Using one for each battery is sufficient.

Top Quality:-

Beware of inferior grade bumpers circulating in the market. They are available at ridiculously low prices, and advertised in a fancy way to tempt customers, but the quality is poor so the bumpers begin to fray and tear after only a few weeks. But these eGo bumpers are made using premium quality rubber and other materials, and extremely long-lasting.


No one drops an e-cigarette battery intentionally, but accidents do happen, and unfortunately a single fall can shatter fragile parts of its circuitry. Needless to say, the vape gear becomes absolutely useless without a properly functioning battery. Attaching these bumpers ensure they will absorb most of the shock on impact.

Multiple Colors:-

Just because these eGo bumpers are protective accessories, doesn’t mean they have to look dull and boring. You can take your pick from several colors – in fact, why not stock up on a few of each, especially if you own more than one e-cigarette? At VapingZone, we have various colors like- blue, red, purple, black to choose from.

Secure Grip:-

The rubber bumpers not only absorb the impact of falls and drops but give you a better grip when you hold the battery. Thus, they also prevent the possibilities of the battery slipping from your hand.

eGo bumpers are necessary for all electronic cigarette users, so they can vape as much as they want!

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