WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


VZ 6 Side Fidget Spinner Copper

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With its captain's wheel design and and sturdy construction, the VZ 6 sided Fidget Spinner will give outstanding performance as well as being appealing to the eye. Excellent center bearings along with equally balanced outer weighted barrels produces above average spin times.

VZ 6 Side Fidget Spinner Copper

Stress can be a common problem if you're giving up smoking, so using a fidget spinner is a great way to relieve the tension. Also, finding something to do with your hands can be very helpful in replacing the activity of smoking. That's where a fidget spinner can work wonders. Take your mind off cigarettes and kick the habit with one of our quality fidget spinners like the VZ 6 Side Fidget Spinner. Fidget spinners are also really helpful in a number of other conditions like autism, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and ADHD as a way of improving focus and concentration. The outer barrel shaped weights are adorned with colorful stripes on a brass background. This spinner looks great and performs even better.

Making a change from the standard three armed fidget spinner design, this 6 sided model has something completely different to offer. Not only does it have a completely unique look, it has a really sturdy construction so you can use it all day long without worrying about its durability. Made from strong and stylish copper, this is a spinner you won't need to worry about dropping.

Taking its inspiration from a captain's wheel, this copper spinner boasts an outstanding performance thanks to its high quality center bearings. It also features equally balanced outer weighted barrels which not only give it a unique look but also produce well above average spin times.

If you're looking for a really stylish spinner to add to your collection, the VZ 6 side fidget spinner will fit the bill. Featuring 6 chunky and solid barrel shaped weights around its outside, it also features colorful stripes in red, blue and green to give a little extra visual appeal.

Highlights Of The VZ 6 Sided Fidget Spinner

  • Incredible strong and durable copper construction that is robust enough to be used all day and will not break even if dropped.
  • Unusual captain's wheel style design adds more interest to your spin.
  • Heavy spinner with high quality center bearings for a more satisfying spinning experience
  • Helps to increase concentration in those who have conditions such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety and autism.
  • Colorful stripes add extra visual appeal
  • Equally weighted outer barrels for a faster spin time

Why Use The VZ 6 Sided Fidget Spinner?

  • For giving up smoking
  • For ADHD
  • For OCD
  • As an anxiety reliever
  • For PTSD
  • To help meditate
  • To calm down
  • To promote active listening
  • For autism
  • To relieve boredom

How To Use The VZ 6 Sided Fidget Spinner

Hold the VZ 6 sided fidget spinner copper in one hand and use your other hand to spin it rapidly using the 6 copper weighted arms. Use continuous small strikes so it will spin endlessly. Get yours today.

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