WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


VZ 2 Side Fidget Spinner Copper

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Just like its aluminum sibling, the 2 sided Copper Fidget Spinner delivers great performance but with the added weight of copper which extends the spin time. This peanut-shaped double sided fidget spinner should be part of anyone's collection.

VZ 2 Side Copper Fidget Spinner

If you're stressed and anxious while giving up smoking, using a fidget spinner can really help to relieve that tension. Finding something you can do with your hands instead of holding a cigarette is a great way to help you to kick the habit, and a fidget spinner represents the perfect solution. The VZ Two Sided Fidget Spinner in copper is an unusual and attractive option to try and can also help with a range of other conditions like ADHD, autism, OCD, PTSD and anxiety, helping to improve concentration and focus, and calm the mind. Constructed of copper with improved center bearings, this spinner is great for long spin times and hours of fun. If you like our 2 Sided Metal Fidget Spinner, You will love this version!

If you're looking for something a little different from a classic 3 arm fidget spinner, the VZ 2 side fidget spinner could be ideal for you. With a streamlined double sided construction in the shape of a peanut, it delivers impressive performance, just like the aluminum version of this model, but thanks to the additional weight of copper its spin time is extended for an even better sense of satisfaction.

As it is made from strong and durable copper, this spinner can easily be used all day long, and if you drop it you can be sure it won't break. It also features new and improved center bearings for a longer spin time and hours of fun. If you've tried the two sided metal fidget spinner and enjoyed it, you're really going to love this version which has an even more stylish and attractive eye-catching look.

Highlights Of The VZ 2 Sided Fidget Spinner

  • Incredibly durable and strong copper construction which is robust enough to be
  • Robust enough to withstand drops and falls.
  • Unusual peanut style design to add extra interest to your spin.
  • New and improved high quality center bearings for a faster and longer spin.
  • Helps to improve concentration in people who have conditions like ADD,
  • Helps in quitting smoking
  • Eye-catching copper exterior
  • Copper material allows for longer and faster spins.

Why Use The VZ Double Sided Fidget Spinner?

  • For giving up smoking
  • For ADHD
  • For OCD
  • As an anxiety reliever
  • For PTSD
  • To help meditate
  • To calm down
  • To promote active listening
  • For autism
  • To relieve boredom

How To Use The VZ 2 Sided Fidget Spinner

Hold the VZ double/two sided spinner in one hand and use your other hand to spin it rapidly. Use continuous small strikes so it will spin endlessly. Eventually, you'll be able to hold and spin it single handed.

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