WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Micro USB Cable - Innokin iTaste CLK, MVP, VV

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iTaste CLK, MVP, VV USB Cable: this is a USB cable with USB micro to USB connections. It is compatible with the iTaste CLK, MVP, VV.

  • Micro USB to USB Cable
  • For iTaste CLK, eGo VV V3.0
  • And Innokin iTaste MVP

Micro USB Cable - Innokin iTaste CLK, MVP, VV

Isn’t it a bummer when your e-cigarette battery runs out of charge just when you are about to take a vape? Yes, we forget to charge batteries at times, so you need to ensure they get powered back up quickly, or your “enthusiasm” for vaping will gradually wane!

Micro USB Cable - Innokin iTaste CLK, MVP, VV

  • Micro USB to USB Cable
  • For iTaste CLK, eGo VV V3.0
  • And Innokin iTaste MVP

  • Compatibility:

The Innokin micro USB charging cable is compatible with all batteries that are powered using a micro USB port. It is specifically designed to work with the iTaste CLK, MVP, and VV.

  • Perfect Replacement:

Have you misplaced your USB charging cable? Did your friend borrow it but hasn’t given it back? Don’t worry because this charging cable is a great replacement that ensures your vaping schedule remains uninterrupted. Even if you still have a charging cable, getting a spare for emergencies isn’t a bad idea – you never know when you might need an extra cable.

  • Easy to Use:

Simply plug the micro USB connection into the battery and then the other end of the connection into any USB port – it barely takes a few seconds!

  • Compact

Bulky USB cables are a huge problem because carrying and storage become a hassle. However, this particular charging cable is small-sized and extremely lightweight, so you can take it along in a purse, handbag or travel case while holidaying or going out of town for work. In fact, they can be carried in your shirt or pants pocket as well.

  • Top Quality:

The USB charging cable is made using premium grade materials that enhance durability and shelf life. Steer clear from inferior versions on the market as they can affect the battery quality and drastically shorten its lifespan.

Get your ecig battery recharged quickly so you can get back to vaping right away!!!

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