WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


iTaste CLK1280 eGo VV Twist Lanyard

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This lanyard can be used for the iTaste CLK, eGo, and VV batteries. Vaping has never been more convenient because of iTaste CLK1280 eGo VV Twist lanyard!

iTaste CLK1280 eGo VV Twist Lanyard

In desperate need of a vape but frustrated because it takes a long time to fish out your e-cigarette battery? The delay is definitely a mood killer! But now you can carry the e cig battery with you at all times and have quick access without the trouble of digging it out of a purse or pocket. This twist lanyard is just what you need!

Easy Vapes

There is nothing more annoying than searching for batteries underneath piles of stuff in your desk drawer, briefcase, or purse. Now you have the battery right in front of you, so all you have to do is detach, put it in the device, and start vaping right away.

Secure Attachment

The lanyard is equipped with a tiny ring-like feature that firmly locks on to the battery. Rest assured it grips the battery in a stronghold, thereby preventing any slips.

Excellent Quality

Beware of poor quality lanyard rings, because they react with the battery and corrode it in just a few weeks. However, the metal of the ring is of the best quality so the battery protected.


Made of ultra thin material, it is simple to slip the lanyard around your neck or wrap it around the wrist without any discomfort. If those aren’t feasible options, it can be clipped to your pocket as well.


This lanyard can be used for the iTaste CLK, eGo, and VV batteries. Vaping has never been more convenient!

Using the twist lanyard means you don’t have to put the battery into your pocket or bag, which can be useful on a hectic day when you might require a swift vape to feel refreshed while meeting a tight deadline. Keep the battery within reach – place your order now!

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