WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


iStick 510 to eGo Adapter

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iStick 510 to eGo AdapterThis adapter will fit flush on Box Mod to connect ego or 510 items. This adapter will fit a 510 battery.

iStick 510 to eGo Adapter

The eLeaf iStick has certainly made a deep impact in the electronic cigarette industry due to its sophisticated gadgetry, along with an elegant appearance, and the power to produce a strong vape. This thread adapter is the perfect accompaniment to the iStick. This adapter will fit flush on Box Mod to connect ego or 510 items. This adapter will fit a 510 battery.

Features Of iStick 510 to eGo Adapter:


As you can see, this device is conveniently sized, so it can be taken along everywhere. Whether you are on vacation or traveling for a business trip, don’t forget to carry this adapter with you – it can fit in purses, wallets, pockets, handbags, etc.

Excellent Quality:-

Unlike many inferior products in the market, this iStick 510 to eGo Adapter is made of the best quality of metal, and hence doesn’t get rusted or corroded. Moreover, it has great longevity. Steer clear from poor quality adapters that not only give out after a few weeks from the purchase date, but also end up damaging other components it comes into contact with.


This adapter can be implemented for use on an eGo threaded tank or clearomizer on the standard 510 threading of the eLeaf iStick. It also fits a 510 battery, so it can turn a standard 510 thread into a full-sized eGo thread. This device is small, but very handy indeed!

Easy to Use:-

Electronic cigarette parts are delicate and need to be handled carefully. However, it is really simple to put this eGo adapter to good use! Just screw the eGo adapter to the 510 connection of your iStick, or screw the atomizer on top of the iStick eGo adapter – that is all you need to do before starting your regular vape.

The iStick 510 to eGo Adapter is apt for using with mod devices for extending the connection, which in turn aids the eGo style atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers to fit the device.

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