WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


eGo Lanyard With Ring

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eGo Lanyard With Ring- E Cig Lanyard Neck Sling Rope Necklace Electronic Cigarette Ego Hole Ring

eGo E Cig Lanyard Neck Sling With Ring

When you are in need of a quick vape, it becomes really exasperating to dig out your eGo battery from a purse that contains tons of other items or the bottom of your briefcase that is filled with papers and documents. Wouldn’t it be great to carry your eGo battery and have easy access to it at all times? That is exactly why you need this eGo lanyard with ring.

Easy to Attach

This lanyard comes with a small but extremely handy ring that can be used to clip on to your eGo battery. It is a snug fit that is designed to securely grip the battery so it doesn’t slip through. Rest assured the battery is right in front of you when required.

Quick Vapes

No more fishing out batteries that are buried under other items in your purse, bag, or briefcase. This lanyard with ring ensures you can vape whenever you want without wasting precious time in hunting for e cig batteries.


As mentioned, this lanyard with ring allows you to carry a eGo battery, thus sparing the trouble of putting it into your pocket or handbag. You can hang the lanyard around your neck, clip it onto your pocket, or wrap it around the wrist, whichever option is more feasible. So if you want to take a vape during a busy day, just detach the battery from the ring, put it inside the electronic cigarette, and puff away to your heart’s content.

Premium Quality

The metal of the ring is of high quality, and doesn’t damage the eGo battery it comes in contact with, unlike inferior grade items. The lanyard itself is made of thin material, so you don’t feel the least bit of discomfort when it is around your neck or wrist.

Always have your eGo batteries at your fingertips!

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