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VZ Claw 3 Side Fidget Spinner Copper

VZ Claw 3 Side Fidget Spinner Copper

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VZ Claw 3 Side Fidget Spinner Copper

This spinner is the 3 sided version of our 2 sided Claw Fidget Spinner.

The VZ Claw 3 Sided Fidget Spinner has a unique design with added weight of the 2 sided version that allows it to spin smoothly for a longer time. This spinner is comprised of copper and the weight is equally distributed between the 3 claws. 

The spinner has stainless bearings that are smooth with a solid construction.


VZ Claw 3 Side Fidget Spinner Copper

The rise in popularity of Fidget Toys has become apparent at places such as work, home, and school. These small handheld gadgets are usually made out of ABS plastic, aluminum, or brass and are  available in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. The benefits range from stress relief to increasing focus in those suffering from conditions such as anxiety, ADHD or autism. They can also be useful in keeping your hands and mind occupied when trying to stop smoking or dieting, while many people use them just because they are loads of fun to play with.

Types of Fidget Toys include various spinner style gadgets with ball bearings located in the center, as well as small cubes with switches, gears, buttons, and joysticks on each side to engage various senses and promote relaxation and focus. Newer types of designs include Fidget Chains and Fidget Pads.

We offer a wide range of designs and styles of Fidget Toys for you to choose from, so pick the one that's right for you and start relaxing and have some fun!

Reviews of VZ Claw 3 Side Fidget Spinner Copper
Review by Damon
I think this fidget spinner looked very Sci-Fi. The weight of it lets it spin for a long time.
Damon (Posted on Jun 07, 2017)
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