WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping Zone Testimonials

Here are some Vapor stories around the world you must read. I am sure you will get helpful information before buying the electronic cigarettes and starter kits.

It's been several years now since a friend told me about 'vaping'. I stopped in the store and was educated about this by Gary. Later I went back and Gary help me get started. At the time I was smoking 4+ cigars a day. With the help of the starter kit Gary introduce me to I was able to completely wean myself from cigars. I stepped up to a bigger, longer-lasting battery and began to reduce the amount of nicotine I was using in my liquid. Today, I'm happy to say I'm completely free of cigars and am vaping with zero nicotine; I just enjoy the occasional taste of the 'black cigar' flavoring that I favor. I want to thank The Vaping Zone, Gary, Jimmy, "Louie", and the gang for changing my life.

Submitted By : George Scott

I have been using electronic cigarettes and other products from VapingZone for 3 years. Typically, I don't write reviews, but they are too good to not. I stopped smoking and trained for the Chicago Marathon, while vaping. Vaping Zone is Friendly, on time, and has great options and mostly great pricing. I've tried other vaping online retailers and stores and it was more expensive and/or took me 1-2 weeks to get my stuff: I always get it in 3 days from VZ. Plus, When they made the one and only mistake in 3 years of my ordering every month, it was rectified fast and efficiently without any problems getting a hold of them. Same thing when I ordered the wrong piece once, they took care of me. Just need a store closer to me and I will give them 8 out of 5 stars!

Submitted By : Will Schroeder

First time going in, I expected to have a bad experience based on the reviews... it was packed with people but someone helped me as soon as I walked in, he walked me through the ordering process, and the mixer girl made my juice to order. I honestly don’t know what any of these other people are expecting. I work in customer service and this was definitely on of the better experiences I’ve had outside of my store. Will shop my e-cigs again.

Submitted By : DJ Canady

Been going to VZ for about 4 or 5 years now. I've tried other shops that were opening after VZ because they were closer to the house but they suck! Prices are stupid high at these newer shops as well! Why? I don't get it. I always come back to VZ after trying the others. Anyway, if I order something before 3 or so, it's in my mailbox the very next day for like 4 or 5 bucks shipping. Cheaper than gas to get there and back! Also, try the Circus Cotton Candy. Nothing better! Thx.

Submitted By : Marc

The guys in here know what there talking about....got my e cigarette starter kit trying to quit smoking cig s. Good flavor decent prices....my go to place for liquid.

Submitted By : Sean Marshall

They are quick and efficient. They have good recommendations and base their recommendations off my smoking preferences rather than just attempting to sell you the most expensive product.

Submitted By : Danielle Galloway

When I logged into the website of Vaping Zone, I didn't know that they had such a wide range of e-cigarettes and vape accessories. They even sell the USB cable which can be used to charge the e-cigarettes. It's a relief that there are also some online source from where I can buy even the smallest accessory which complements e-cigarette.

Submitted By : Robert Fernandez

Good quality and selection of vape flavors and equipment. Fast consistent shipping. Been buying from them since March, all my purchases are online.

Submitted By : Tommy Mcmanus

I have been going to the Vape Zone on Columbiana Drive in Columbia for several years now and have gotten to know the staff and they are all great. I love the fact that they have taken the time to get to know me and every time I go in to the store I am greeted by name and no matter how busy they are they always speak to me and joke around like family. I do not go anywhere else for my vape juice or products. I feel confident that when I need something or have a question about a product the staff will always take the time to show me exactly what I need to know. Everyone should come in and check out the Vape Zone for themselves because once you shop there you will realize you don't want to shop anywhere else.

Submitted By : James

I love the fact you get the best of both worlds here. If I know what I want I can go online order it and stop by and pick it up anytime I want. I am in and out of the store in less than 2 min. If I need a question asked all I have to is ask.

Submitted By : Denny Daniels

Don't have to say much. Just try any of their products, you will never go anywhere else.

Submitted By :

The staff is always helpful and friendly. They take time to assist me in placing orders, as well as offer advice when needed. Don't mind giving my business to these folks, and there are numerous competitors closer to where I live.

Submitted By : A. Spence

I have been a customer of the Vape Zone for several years and I do not or will not go anywhere else for my vaping products or juice. The customer service at the Vape Zone is over the top and the product is the best around. The staff at the Vape Zone know there stuff and are always ready to help with anything you need. Thanks for being the best!!!

Submitted By : James

I have been a VapingZone customer for a number of years now. It got started because I was tired of the smell and awful side effects to smoking. I wasn't a heavy smoker by any means but enjoyed it socially and as way to relax. The VapingZone staff helped me get started and we set nicotine levels that would get me the same "feel" as a cigarette. I would say to any regular or heavier smokers, you will probably want to set a higher nicotine level than what is in your normal cigarette otherwise, the switch will be more difficult because the "feel" won't be equal to your cigarette. There are so many flavor varieties that you can't get bored with them. With smoking it's always the same taste which I now find repulsing. I have slowly brought down my nicotine level and there's no coughing in the middle of night or darn near weezing after a quick run, no smell to try and cover up throughout the day, just an enjoyable experience. The staff at VapingZone gets to know you and knows how to answer your questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make the switch. It is a much healthier alternative and these are great people to help you through the process.

Submitted By : Craig McDaniel Jr.

I went in to the Vape Zone in Columbia, SC this morning and I asked about blueberry flavors (I have gotten Blue Dragon before) and the Blue Bomb was recommended, all I can say is wow!!! It is great a perfect mix of blueberry and pomegranate to give it a great tart blueberry flavor. This is the kind of treatment and customer service you receive when you walk into the Vape Zone, staff that will give you their personal attention and recommendations. You have many choices when it comes to vape stores however, you won't find any store out there that is like the vape zone and the staff is amazing, top notch and 100% committed to giving you the best service possible. Its the only place I shop for my vaping needs.

Submitted By : James