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VZ Lavender E-Liquid

VZ Lavender E-Liquid

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VZ Lavender E-Liquid Made by VapingZone in the USA. Lavender Vape juice advances your vaping experience to the next level. 

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Lavender has a sweet fragrance which is the key quality of this product. It is the one most commonly used edible flower. Lavender is actually a member of the mint family and is closely related to thyme, sage, and rosemary. It advances your vaping experience to the next level. This high-end product is taking over the vaping era by storm.

Features Of Lavender E Liquid :

  • Best quality

All our high-end VZ e-liquid products are blended with (USP) grade ingredients. They have FDA approved food-grade flavorings.

  • Good flavoring

They have been made with high quality imported Natural and Artificial flavoring, suspended in Propylene Glycol and Ethanol with an ample amount of nicotine.

  • Sweet and sour

Lavender has a floral flavor and is very sweet with lemon and citrus notes. It not only provides you aromatic essence but its dilution and perfect proportionality will make your e-liquid experience beyond amazing.

  • Highly concentrated

At VapingZone, our flavors are four times stronger than traditional extracts. They are specially formulated for use when a more flavor and less liquid is required. The flavor is on point and tastes amazing as vapor. It is faintly sweet with a taste like honey. If you like lavender a lot, you are in the right place!

  • Perfect steep time

They are water soluble and suitable for use in e-liquids. They are around 1-5% depending on taste. As an addition to other flavors, 1-3% as per its quantity. Steep time guide is up to –1+ days.

This adequate amount of aroma is perfect for your smoking experience. It is soft but the lasting sweet floral scent will complement your tobacco flavors.

All VZ E-Liquids are made with a blend of (USP) grade ingredients to include PG, VG, nicotine, and FDA approved food-grade flavorings.

Due to personal preferences and tastes, we are unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges for E-Liquid products. All E-Liquid purchases are final.

Reviews of VZ Lavender E-Liquid
Review by April Wilcher
This flavor is amazing. It tastes like the fragrence with just the right amount of sweetness. Heavenly. No need for extra flavoring either. I see a 120ml in my very near future!
April Wilcher (Posted on Feb 14, 2017)
Review by Brian Hackworth
There's nothing to dislike about it. You'll find it very pleasant. Tastes legitimately like how lavenders smell.
Brian Hackworth (Posted on Oct 19, 2016)
Review by Tracey Nash
I love this one, I'd been looking for lavender and was very happy when I found this and I can't find lavender anywhere else. I love to mix this with rose for a little more depth. I also agree with Leisl, worth a try if you don't like sweet vapes. Try lavender lollies, if you love them you'll live this once. :)
Tracey Nash (Posted on Jun 01, 2016)
Review by haven
One of my favs! I usually like vs's special blends, cigar lover. Lavender is slightly sweet.but full bodied. I share with friends and they are addicted as well. Smell is light. Mom loveMrme vaping it at her house.
haven (Posted on Apr 10, 2016)
Review by Liesl Manone
If you're not into sweets, the florals are the way to go. Rose is my favorite, but this lavender is a lovely second best.
Liesl Manone (Posted on Mar 21, 2016)
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