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Unflavored Nicotine Your Way

Unflavored Nicotine Your Way

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Customize your vaping experience with our unflavored nicotine e liquid juice and get unflavored nicotine your way. 


Unflavored Nicotine

Vaping Zone offers our own line of “Nicotine Your Way” products. Nicotine Your Way allows our customers to create their own e-liquid without the hassle of having to determine PG/VG ratios and diluting nicotine down to a desired level. Nicotine Your Way is offered in 4 bottle sizes, 5 nicotine levels, and 8 different PG/VG ratios.

Made from 100% flavorless nicotine, our premium quality unflavored nicotine liquid is the ideal base for creating custom vape flavors. With a super-clean and pure taste, liquid nicotine can be used alone to cleanse and refresh the tastebuds in between trying out new flavors. A great vaping liquid for using with a brand new cartomizer, unflavored nicotine liquid provides a clear neutral taste which won't mask or overpower the flavor of your food and drink.

Our versatile DIY pure nicotine is the best product for those new to vaping as the nicotine level can be chosen to suit individual requirements. We offer nicotine from 6mg to 48mg so you can control the degree you inhale.

Nicotine Your Way can be ordered in 6MG, 12MG, 18MG and 24MG nicotine levels that can turned into e-liquid by just adding your desired flavoring. We also have 36MG and 48MG levels that can be diluted easier than our 100MG liquid nicotine. All of our nicotine is naturally derived and is 99.9% pure USP grade. Choose the PG/VG ratio to fully customize every aspect of your vaping experience; opt for a higher PG level for a more intense throat hit, or raise the VG percentage to create billowing vapor clouds.

Available in four bottle sizes from 50ml to 500ml, our liquid nicotine caters for both beginners and more experienced vaping enthusiasts. Get unflavored nicotine your way with the purest liquid nicotine available to buy in the USA for a tailor-made vaping sensation.

Use alone or as a base for other flavors- you choose the nicotine level and the PG/VG ratio to suit your own personal preference and needs. Our unflavored nicotine liquid is the purest available in the USA with the cleanest, clearest taste. Reduce the amount of mixing time required when creating custom vaping liquids, or use this pure nicotine to cleanse your palette in between trying out new vape flavors. Select the size bottle of liquid nicotine you need for complete customization, and enjoy a vaping sensation that's unique to you. If you are looking for a simpler way to make your own e-liquid then Nicotine Your Way may be the answer you have been searching for.

Nicotine purchases are final.

There are no refunds, exchanges or returns on Nicotine products.

Reviews of Unflavored Nicotine Your Way
Review by mike hunter
tastes just right
mike hunter (Posted on Aug 28, 2016)
Review by Exsmoker
Great taste ! Fast shipping. Five stars. Will buy again.
Exsmoker (Posted on Mar 21, 2016)
Review by Jess d
Perfect at 6mg and 100%vg.eexcellent base
Jess d (Posted on Feb 17, 2016)
Review by william dormey
this 50% 50% nicotine blend from vaping zone is real good. just add your flavoring to suit your taste , I tried a lot of other brands but this is the best for me.
william dormey (Posted on Jan 27, 2016)
Review by Steven Edwardsen
Makes making a new flavor a NO BRAINER. Less mixing, more vaping.
Steven Edwardsen (Posted on Nov 07, 2015)
Review by Anthony Lobban
This is the best eLiquid value around. I consistently order it and count on its high quality. I especially enjoy the customization options and fast shipping.
Anthony Lobban (Posted on Aug 21, 2015)
Review by Joel Markgraf
Fantastic product! First time customer and Really Pleased with Fast shipping. Why should I shop elsewhere. Can't think of a reason. Class act Vaping Zone. Joel.
Joel Markgraf (Posted on Jun 29, 2015)
Review by Greg Radford
Clean clear great vape base 50/50 mix works great
Greg Radford (Posted on Jun 28, 2015)
Review by Michael T
Excellent Product! Perfectly Clean, Clear, and easy to work with. My Fav is the 60PG/40VG mix.
Michael T (Posted on Sep 02, 2014)
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