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Kangertech T2 eGo Clearomizer, Single Pc

Kangertech T2 eGo Clearomizer, Single Pc

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Kanger T2 eGo Clearomizer is the popular top coil vape tank. The KangerTech T2 vape tank comes with wicks- 2.2 ohm T2 atomizer coil, Single Pc. It features a replaceable coil head and a tank that can hold about 2.4ml of e-liquid. You can enjoy approximately 800 puffs. Kanger T2 is Ego thread capable.


Kanger T2 eGo Clearomizer Tank 2.2 ohm Coil

This Kangertech T2 eGo Clearomizer produces large amounts of vapor and has an immaculate long lasting taste. The Kanger T2 Clearomizer Vape Tank incorporates a 2.2-ohm top-coil atomizer that allows for easy replacement of the vape coil unit. Kanger T2 vape tank with wicks is the most favorite clearomizer as it produces warm vapes. The Kangertech T2 has a replaceable coil head and a vape T2 tank that can hold about 2.4ml of e liquid.

Features of Kanger T2 eGo Clearomizer Vape Tank with wicks

  • Resistance : 2.2 ohms
  • Clearomizer : heating coil is replaceable
  • Capacity : 2.4ml e-liquid
  • Length : 73mm x Diameter: 15mm
  • Ego thread capable
  • Huge Vapor and Flavor
  • Suitable Voltage : 3.2 - 3.7V 

The vape coils are replaceable and are installed on the top side. The Kanger T2 vape tank with longer wicks has great performance, no burning and does not leak. This Kanger T2 atomizer tank holds 2.4ml of e-liquid that can easily be filled from the top. The longer silica wicks allow the e liquid to feed evenly into the coil and provide an improved flavor.

The base of the Kanger T2 is equipped with an eGo style connection that fits well on a variety of e cig batteries and devices.

Kanger T2 Vape Tank with Wicks - Kanger T2 Replacement Coils

Instructions Kanger T2 Clearomizer Tank how to fill/refill

  1. Unscrew the black drip tip from the Kanger T2 clearomizer.
  2. Fill with e-liquid – Note: Do not fill more than 95% of its capacity.
  3. Never fill the e-liquid into the center hole, please drip against the wall.
  4. Screw the mouthpiece back.
  5. Let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes prior to use.

VapingZone-online e-cigarette store is the perfect online store to buy Kanger T2 tank in various colors like pink, black, green, clear and yellow. You can also buy a single piece or get it in bulk. At Vapingzone you can buy Genuine KangerTech T2 tank, also called Mini Clearomizer vape tank (eGo thread) at best prices. Also, read the Kanger T2 clearomizer reviews before you buy.

Sorry, but there is no warranty or replacement on Kangertech T2 eGo Clearomizer.

E-liquid must be filled properly and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.

Reviews of Kangertech T2 eGo Clearomizer, Single Pc
Review by shannon
have tried a few different vape tanks and Kangertech T2 has by far been my favorite
shannon (Posted on Aug 06, 2018)
Review by Heidi Wilson
Kanger t2 is the best tank I ever used. I won't use anything else.
Heidi Wilson (Posted on Nov 21, 2017)
Review by shannon
have tried a few different tanks...Kanger T2 clearomizer tank is good but not my favorite...I would still recommend it though.
shannon (Posted on Nov 09, 2017)
Review by Ashley Robertson
not a fan of these tanks at all, recommend the mt3 style tanks over these
Ashley Robertson (Posted on Jan 21, 2017)
Review by Cindy W.
Been vaping just shy of a year and have tried lots of different clearos and tanks. I still think the KangerTech T2 is the best. Easy to fill and clean and absolutely the best flavor and vapor production. Can't beat the price either. Vaping Zone has great prices, customer service, and really fast shipping. I am always recommending this site to my friends. Thank you Vaping Zone!!
Cindy W. (Posted on Sep 04, 2016)
Review by jason mcbride
good stuff.
jason mcbride (Posted on Feb 25, 2016)
Review by Donna Schneider
Luv this set up. easy no mess no fuss. Have been using ego t2 and clearomizers for a year now and love them. huge vapor and flavor.
Donna Schneider (Posted on Jan 20, 2016)
Review by lynn
Works very well and the good price allows for keeping different flavors ready to go at all times.
lynn (Posted on Aug 30, 2015)
Review by Lelani Esterline
I loved the first one that came with my starter kit. Bought a new one today for a new flavor and it clogged easily...had a hard time with it. Not sure if I got a bum one or not. No leakage with the first one but that second one created a mess.
Lelani Esterline (Posted on Jul 27, 2015)
Review by Jeanne Eaton
I have had a 'bum' cartridge that I could do nothing to fix the burnt taste I would get. Just threw it away and used another with no problem.
Jeanne Eaton (Posted on Mar 27, 2015)
Review by Josh King
Great Product! Great vapor and flavor. larger tank size is a plus too!
Josh King (Posted on Mar 09, 2015)
Review by Aymbur Connor
Just started using this about a week or so ago. GREAT product. I agree with the wick issue (being so short) I often worry if i don't keep it filled enough or lean it on it's side it the wick will get enough juice. I will probably end up stocking up on these tubes and a few coils just to be safe, you never know what may break on ANY vape device. ALWAYS have a spare if you truly need vape for nicotine like i do, NOTHING is worse then not having it when you need it
Aymbur Connor (Posted on Feb 09, 2015)
Review by Laura Kilgore
I have just started using these. I LOVE them! Great vapor and flavor and I appreciate the fact that the coils are replaceable! The only thing I think could be improved is the wick length.
Laura Kilgore (Posted on Jan 19, 2015)
Review by Carol Robinson
This is my absolute favorite clearomizer I have ever used!!! I have tried ce's from 2-5, smok tec dual coil, double barrel freya, 312's, tanks, a couple others I have forgotten the name of. I will never buy another clearomizer unless they improve on this one (only thing I would like is a longer wick). It produces more vapor then anything else with awesome flavor. I love how you replace the coil it's from the top so no dumping juice and wasting it, take the tip off and unscrew it from the top and put another one in .

The vaping zone ships fast they are awesome I highly recommend them to order from.
Carol Robinson (Posted on Dec 20, 2014)
Review by Carol Robinson
I won't use anything else, I am done trying new products I finally found the perfect tip. They have WONDERFUL vapor and flavor, superior to other tips, they are so easy to replace the insides, you replace them from the top just unscrew the tip and you unscrew it from there, so you don't have to dump and waste your juice. I love that when I go to fill it with my needle tip I can squirt the juice down the wick cleaning the wick and making it clear again.
Carol Robinson (Posted on Dec 19, 2014)
Review by The Crawmerax
Fantastic product. Had been using an ego-T and had many issues with leaking. Switched to the eGo T2 and have been happy ever since. Easy to fill, easy to change the wick, large capacity, and most importantly, no leaks. Got two colors so I can have two flavors ready at any time. Highly recommend.
The Crawmerax (Posted on Nov 10, 2014)