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GeekVape Super Mesh Replacement Coils (Pack of 5)

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The GeekVape Super Mesh replacement Coils are the newest coils for a selective of vape tanks on Geek Vape's incredible line-up, such as the Cerberus Tank, Aero Mesh, & Shield Vape Tank.

GeekVape Super Mesh Vape Coils:

The Geek Vape Super Mesh Coils are the newest coils for a selection of tanks on Geek Vape's incredible line-up, such as the Cerberus Tank, Aero Mesh, & Shield Tank. 

The GeekVape line of products is extensive, our vape models numerous, and although we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that all the pieces on our hardware operate well and continue to operate in the long term, wear does happen over time.

When you need to replace your vape coil, you may find yourself wondering: just how do I go about this? Fortunately, we have made the whole process as simple as possible for you. Using the Geekvape Super Mesh Replacement Coils, you can replace a worn-out or lost vape coil in your vape quickly and easily. Our Super Mesh Replacement Coils are versatile, and just like every other part we offer for sale, they are extremely durable as well.

In this pack, you will get five Geekvape Super Mesh Replacement Coils, our newest and most advanced coil, compatible with several of Geekvape's most popular vapes (the Cerberus Tank, Aero Mesh, and the Shield Vape Tank). The next time you realize that you need a new coil, don't sweat it for even a second. Geekvape has you covered, our Super Mesh Replacement Coils just as good as (or even better!) than the one you had originally. Replacing your coil can also lead to a smoother, cleaner vape, so even if your coil seems to be running fine, it may make sense for you to replace it now anyway.

Keep on vaping – and enjoy the deliciousness and peace of mind that you get with the right coil!

GeekVape Mesh Coils are Compatible with:

Sorry, but there is no warranty or replacement on atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers or tanks.
E-liquid must be filled properly and maintained to avoid a burnt taste.

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