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All You Need to Know About Vape and Vaping

All You Need to Know About Vape and Vaping
What is Vaping -Vape

What is Vaping

I am sure you are not the only person hearing about Vaping, E Cigarette, E-liquid, vaporizer, clearomizers, or any other vaping term. Vaping is the trending topic of discussion in many circles around the world.

Vaping has been in the discussion not only because it is a healthy alternative to smoking but also because of debates on its effect on public health.

The usage of term ‘vape’ and ‘vaping’ is so common that it has earned its place in English dictionaries. The term ‘vaping’ is so popular that the prestigious Oxford Dictionary has ranked it as their Word of the Year of 2014. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, are you ready to know more about vaping? Here goes –

What Does Vaping Mean?

Various sources give a variety of definition, starting from basic to as complex as it can get.

The Urban Dictionary defines ‘vape’ as ‘to inhale vapor from E-cigarettes or personal vaporizer. Used because “smoking” an E-cig doesn’t apply as there is no smoke only vapor.’

Interestingly, the Urban Dictionary’s top definition quotes ‘vape’ as ‘the way to get everyone on the planet to hate you!’

Well, for starters, it’s actually opposite! The Urban Dictionary’s wittiness at work, if you get it! How? You will learn in next few lines.

Vaping’, hence is simply an act of inhaling the ‘vape’.

Some Terms to Know Before You Read Further

There are certain terms that are common in the vaping language, which you may not want to miss before you go through this article. Knowing them will make this an even easier to understand this article.

E Cigarette or Vaporizer: An E Cigarette or often termed as ‘E Cig’ is an instrument that allows heating E-liquid to convert it into vapor form that can be inhaled by a vaper.

Vaper: A person who vapes.

E-liquid: Also termed as ‘vape juice’ or ‘E-juice’ is the liquid used in E Cigs. The liquid contains bases along with flavors of vaper’s choice.

How Does an E Cig Work?

E Cigs are battery-powered machines with a heating coil that heats the E-liquid converting it into inhalable vapors.

Any E Cig is made up of two parts – clearomizer and battery. The clearomizer is the main part where most of the vaping action takes place.

The clearomizer contains E-liquid tank, drip tip, and heating coil. The battery, just like any regular mobile battery, provides power to the heating coil to function.

Apart from the input power, the most important parts that may altogether change vaping game are E-liquid and heating coil. These two components influence vape density and quality.

The History of Vaping

Vaping has an interesting history. The E Cigs have evolved over time. With rapid technological development, the vaping industry has now come up with vaper-friendly compact and durable E Cigs.

Vaping is not a fad or a mere ‘thing of this generation’. Vaping is a solid mix of science and technology from a perspective of the well-being of human health.

The history of vaping goes back to 1963. Herbert A. Gilbert was the first person to conceptualize the idea of an Electronic cigarette. Mr. Gilbert filed the very first patent on E Cig.

In Mr. Gibert’s words ‘the world needed a Cigarette that does not rely on combustion producing smoke.’ Mr. Gilbert’s invention was definitely the one that later on will save thousands of lives.

Although Mr. Gilbert’s life-saving genius invention, E Cigs were far from becoming popular. The already established smoking lobby resisted the idea of E Cigs and the technology remained hidden from the public till 2006.

In 2003, a Chinese researcher, Hon Lik introduced his version of a personal E Cig. Mr. Lik, after a few modifications to his prototype, released his version of E Cig to the international public in 2006 and there started the era of vaping.

Why Did It Take So Long?

The idea of vaping, introduced in the 1960s, was too ahead of the time. The public was happy smoking and the ill effects of smoking were not very common.

However, when Mr. Lik re-introduced the E Cig in 2006, it was readily accepted, as it was the need of the time.

Yes, it took long for the E Cig to reach to the public, but the good thing is it is now everywhere. People have accepted this healthy alternative to smoking.

When Did Industry Pitch In?

As soon as, Mr. Lik’s version hit the market, many establishments started learning the vaping technology and started manufacturing E Cigs, E-liquids, and E Cig kits.

2007 was the year when the vaping industry actually began. Over the next few years, many industry giants such as KangerTech and SmokTech developed newer and newer products and filed hundreds of patents on vaping technology.

With the rise of manufacturers, distributors and service providers such as Vaping Zone emerged, delivering the best products and services.

The Rise of DIY E-juice and E Cig kits

The rise of manufacturers and service providers started a whole new wave in the vaping industry and its users. The manufacturers started making E-juices containing a variety of flavors.

The vaping user community also started growing. The vapers started using new items available in the market and started experimenting with the components of E Cigs.

This helped grow a large body of publicly available information on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) E-juice and E Cig kits.

Today, there are several blog articles and tutorials available on the internet about DIY vape juice such as this.

Vapers started exploring ways to make DIY vape juice last long and tastier using the steeping technique.

Vapers actually helped the vaping industry introduce newer and newer E-liquids and E Cig kits by providing crucial feedback. This made vaping industry very dynamic and vaper oriented.

Vaping Information through Modders and YouTubers

Modders’ and ‘YouTubers’ have played a very important role in popularizing vaping across the USA and the rest of the world.

Modders’ are vapers who modify an existing set of E Cig making it more attractive, durable, and trendy. There are ‘modders’ spread across the USA and are often recognized by their nick names on virtual fora.

YouTubers’ are the self-made YouTube celebrities that talk on E Cig – pros and cons, modifying E Cigs, DIY E-juice, and every bit related to E Cigs and vaping. YouTubers often educate potential vapers about how to vape, and how vaping can turn into a vape sports hobby.

Today, people tend to self-learn watching videos online, and YouTubers have actually made it possible.

So, after all this, why is there still debate on vaping’s good or bad effects? Are E Cigs really safe?

Is Vaping Safe?

Debates on the safety of vaping are not new. Every coin has two sides, but it makes no sense categorizing the sides in ‘good’ and ‘bad’.

Several scientific studies indicate that vaping is safe and with respect to smoking it is actually much better.

We all know the universal truth that is ‘smoking kills’. The ill effects of smoking can be seen anywhere and they are the same.

Smoking produces Carbon Monoxide which if consumed can lead to serious harms to the human body. In addition, the Nicotine present in traditional cigarettes can induce cancer.

The best part of vaping is that there is no production of Carbon Monoxide. If you are using Nicotine-free E-liquids, there is no Nicotine-induced carcinogenicity.

Even without liquid Nicotine, you can still enjoy the flavors of life through vaping. That makes vaping relatively much safer than smoking.

Do you want a detailed analysis of the topic? Read here.

Vaping Is Making the World a Better Place

It is true. Vaping is devoid of the ill effects of passive smoking. Now you can enjoy an alternative to smoking seating on a sofa watching your favorite movie with your partner.

Vaping has the power to make the world a better place. Vaping is trendy, relatively harmless, and there is no effect of the exhaled vape on people around you, so socially vaping is acceptable.

Looking at the benefits of vaping many Hollywood celebrities have switched from smoking to vaping. Do you know, who? The Oscar-winning Leonardo Dicaprio, American pop diva Katy Perry and Britney Spears to name a few have switched to vaping or observed to vape.

What is more to ask? Vaping can give you a chance to re-live your life by switching from smoking.

Do You Want to Vape?

Does the information sound interesting to you? Do you think you want to try out some vaping? So, go ahead, it is for you.

There are numerous brands available in the market, but only the experts know what is good for you. So, believe us and carry on.

Vaping Zone is the best place to place your first vaping order. We have it all figured out for you. We have an expert team, in case you want to first talk about your needs and how you really wish your first experience.

Our best-sold brands are SmokTech, KangerTech, Eleaf, Innokin, Vaporesso, Aspire, and Joyetech. We also deal in DIY vape juice components and E Cig accessories.


Vaping has a long history and it has been developed as a mix of science, technology, and art.

Although the first E Cig patent was filed in 1963, vaping got popularized only in 2006.

Many people including vapers, modders and YouTubers popularized vaping and helped make it a trending topic of discussion.

The essential instrument required for vaping is an E Cig that works on a battery and a clearomizer.

Vaping is definitely harmless as compared to smoking.

Vaping can have a positive effect on social bonding, especially when you switch to vaping from smoking.

For starters, there are numerous branded E Cig kits available in the market. Vaping Zone deals in the best brands and offers the best price.

If you have not vaped or plan to vape, here is your chance. Don’t make it an attempt on your own; involve your friends to enjoy it even better!

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