What is Vape Squonking?

What Is Vape Squonking
What Is Vape Squonking

‘Vape Squonking’!!! What a funny word is this! Well, the vaping connoisseurs know exactly what it means. A word that has been associated with a unique vaping technique to enhance the vaping experience, squonking is the thing of today!

Squonking literally sounds so catchy, just like Deadpool’s ‘chimichangas’, making it hard to not write a few lines on the origin of the phrase. The word ‘squonk’ refers to a mythical creature believed to live in Northern Pennsylvania. Vape squonking has nothing to do with the creature. Vapers are just good at naming, that’s all!

Vape squonking is day-by-day becoming popular in vaping community. If you have not practiced it, this is the right time you plan it. Like any other vaping technique, mastering squonking needs a careful reading of the theory of how it works followed by putting efforts to practice it as much as you can.

The E Cig industry is well aware of the vape squonking thing. Squonking tanks, squonking mods and squonking RDAs are readily available in the market. In this article, we provide tips and tricks to learn vape squonking and a list of squonking gadgets you must possess.

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What is Squonking?  

  • It is a vaping style that involves a squonking mod, squonking RDA (re-buildable atomizer), and squonking tank.
  • Squonking typically involves a bottom-fed atomizer.
  • Squonking is for those vapers who love to have flexibility with their vaping settings such as vape juice, vaping temperature and resistance, and flavor and cloud production.
  • Squonking is an old vaping technique and had disappeared after ‘Dripping’ gained popularity over the years. It has made a comeback in the last couple of years. If you are still confused, this video on what is squonking by ShadyVapes will help.   

A Brief History of Squonking

  • Vapers love to experiment with their gadgets. One such vapers, a member of E-Cigarette Forum, is regarded as the pioneer of vape squonking.
  • The person, who bears the username as ‘Carlos49’ on E-Cigarette Forum, first demonstrated vape squonking in 2009.
  • Carlos49 could not convert his invention into the mainstream E Cig gadgets but his idea inspired several others who started making their own squonking mods.     

How is Squonking Different from Dripping?

  • Squonking is totally different from dripping in the usage of placement of tank and working of atomizers.
  • A bottom-fed atomizer is used in squonking. This is achieved by attaching the atomizer to the vape tank using a tube. The vape tank is generally made up of plastic.
  • When the user squeezes the vape tank E Juice rises and gets sucked in the atomizer. The vaping created thereafter is vaped by the user.
  • Squonking depends on the manual input. The user needs to keep on feeding the E Juice in the atomizer for continuous vaping.


Squonking Mod

  • A squonking mod is a specially designed mod that has a press button (or squonk hole).
  • Such mods are simple mod designs with enough space for a battery and a large E Juice container.
  • A squonking mod includes a drip tip, feeding tube that attaches bottom-fed atomizer to the E Juice container (or squonk bottle), and a squonking mod cover that encloses all the spare parts. A 510-connection for atomizer and bottle is a must.  
  • Making your own squonking mod is very easy. It can be made from any old E Cig mod you may have.

Regulated Modern Squonking Mods

  • Modern commercial squonking mods use a 25 mm atomizer as opposed to 22mm atomizers used in old squonking mods.
  • These squonking mods are usually larger than any dripping mod, to accommodate circuit board and other parts. Mods that use YiHi SX350J and Evolve DNA250 chips are much larger.
vape squonking
vape squonking

A Squonking Mod (Image from https://aspenvalleyvapes.com/squonk-mod-work/)

Squonking RDAs in Squonking Mods

  • Squonking mods feature a bottom-fed atomizer which is nothing but a modified version of RDA.
  • Squonking RDA facilitates squonking and draining of E Juice. The connection between the squonking tube and atomizer is a 510-positive pin.
  • If you are into making your own squonking mod, we highly recommend using Stainless Steel 510 pins instead of Copper and Brass, since latter may leach into the E Juice.


How to Use a Squonking Mod?

  • For using a squonking mod you will need to squeeze the vape container through the press button given on the mod. This will make the E Juice rise and get inside the bottom-fed atomizer.
  • You will need to immediately release the press so that the container gets back into shape.
  • You will need to then press the power button so that the E Juice gets converted into vapor.
  • To keep the wick wet and avoid dry heat, you will need to keep squeezing the E Juice container after equal intervals of time.
  • It is extremely easy to use a squonking mod. With a little bit of practice and mastering the timing of your squeezes and puffs, you can master the art of squonking.

Benefits of Vape Squonking

Like every other vaping technique, there are pros and cons attached to vape squonking. Vape squonking appears to have as many disadvantages as it provides the user full control over vaping settings and is also economical; however, there are certain disadvantages or risks involved in vape squonking.

Let’s first have a look at pros of vape squonking.

  • The biggest advantage with a squonking mod is that you don’t need to drip the E Juice frequently. With every squeeze, you get enough E Juice to vape in the bottom-fed atomizer.
  • Dripping needs to be done frequently and carefully. It can be tedious and boring sometimes. Squonking provides you freedom in the sense dripping is replaced by squeezing.
  • Squonking can be done while on the go, providing extra flexibility to your vaping habit. Now, you can vape anytime, anywhere, without concerning about dripping.
  • Squonking tanks are generally much larger in size than dripping vape tanks. On an average, a squonking tank carries 7 ml of E Juice. With such a large capacity, it is possible to keep on vaping without frequently changing or refilling the squonking tank.
  • Squonking mods use bottom-fed atomizers; therefore there is a minimum risk of leakage. Most of the unused E Juice ends up in the squonking tank, simply because of gravity.
  • Bottom-fed atomizers, in a way, also help reduce your E Juice loss due to leakage or over-dripping.
  • Comparing squonking with dripping, there is not much difference in flavor and vape production.     

Risks in Vape Squonking

  • The biggest disadvantage of squonking is that squonking mods are less automated and more mechanical. This means that there are limited safety measures.
  • Many vapers look for safe vaping and mods where they can regulate vaping settings, both of which are not possible with a squonking mod.
  • Most of the squonking mods are produced without an internal chip that regulates vaping settings; however, there is an increasing demand for mods with a chip.
  • For building your own squonking mod, you need all the spare parts that you like. This is not possible in the present scenario; therefore your squonking mod will always have something lacking which you desire it to have. Compatibility is a major obstacle in building your own squonking mod.
  • Battery life is a big deal for a squonking mod. Because of limited space, most squonking mods can accommodate a single 18650 battery, which may not be enough for most of the vapers.
  • E Juice consumption is more with squonking method, as it is less efficient.
  • There are only a few squonking mods which are regulated and commercially available.    


Is squonking meant for you?

The answer to this question can only be obtained when you try it on your own.

  • Squonking is not definitely for you if you are a beginner in vaping.
  • Squonking definitely has some advantages to consider it as a thing to try.
  • If you have given try to RDAs and DIY vaping things, you can try out squonking.
  • If you haven’t really tried it then it is better to first try RDAs and start with regular tanks with replaceable coils and then work your way up.
  • Squonking mods are generally expensive as they are still not made in mass. You may need to book a squonking mod and wait till it is produced and get delivered before you actually start squonking.
  • Squonking, in that sense, needs a lot of planning and learning before you actually do that.
  • If you are still willing to squonk, then squonking is meant for you!

Take Home Message

  • Squonking is an old vaping technique, newly re-discovered by vapers worldwide.
  • Squonking can be as satisfying as dripping but can be more convenient than dripping.
  • For squonking you need a squonking mod, squonking tank, and squonking RDA. Building your own squonking gadget is possible, but it needs some expertise and lots of motivation.
  • There are numerous advantages to squonking, however, risks include limited vaping safety, higher E Juice consumption, limited battery power, and expensive mod.
  • If you have practiced vaping enough to make your own RDAs, then you are ready for squonking.
  • Squonking is an art. It requires patience and practice, and in the current E Cig market scenario a bit higher price to be paid.
  • Vaping Zone deals with DIY mods. All your vaping needs will be complete once you visit our store.

Don’t wait more, give squonking a try and see for yourself, what delights you….dripping or squonking! Happy squonking!