What is better for vaping - Single coil or Dual coil What is better for vaping - Single coil or Dual coil

Smoking an electronic cigarette is fashionably called ‘Vaping’, a word which has been declared the most impressionable word of 2014 by Oxford Dictionary. Vaping is environmentally friendly because there is no emission of harmful smoke from burning tobacco. Only vaporized liquid is produced when someone vapes.

E-cigs typically require a few fundamental parts to work. One of these parts is a clearomizer, atomizer or cartomizer. This type of component contains the e-juice (with minuscule amount of nicotine), a base to connect with the e cig battery and a heating coil or coils to vaporize the e-juice. Notably, the atomizer may contain less e-juice than a cartomizer or clearomizer. The question arises as to the design of the coil.

What is a vape coil?
A coil's purpose is to transfer heat to the e-juice so that it becomes a vapor. The heat comes through the electrical current sent from the battery, which is connected at the base. The mechanism is simple: each end of the coil is connected to a terminal. One terminal is positively charged, the other is negatively charged. The retailers of e-cigarettes are faced with two options here; namely, a single coil vape or a dual coil vape. Although the proposed end is to offer the consumer an impression of smoking, there is actually a difference between single coil and dual coil systems.

Difference between single and dual coil
The difference is rather clear; single coil is a 1-coil system while the other entertains two coils. It is easy to infer that single coil vape vaporizes the e-juice rather slowly, but it also results in lower consumption of battery power. A dual coil vape, meanwhile, vaporizes fast - it creates more vapor but also consumes more battery power. To put the difference clearly, let’s discuss the pros and cons of the two systems.

Single coil pros
Single coil’s biggest plus is its smooth and simple mechanism. It can be rebuilt even by laymen. Furthermore, it consumes a modest amount of battery power to vaporize. Thus, it clearly ensures longevity for the e-cigarette.

Single coil cons
Single coils take longer to produce vapor. Also, the vapor produced is less dense, resulting in a less intense throat hit.

Dual coil pros
With dual coil system, the vapor produced is appreciably dense. Thus, the consumer is attuned to a significant throat hit. Only the habituated smokers can understand the effect of ‘throat hit’. There is also better delivery of e-juice flavor. It also takes less time to vaporize.

Dual coil cons
Dual coil vape has a shorter lifespan in terms of battery longevity, as the battery's power is delivered to two coils instead of one.  They are also usually more complicated to rebuild, so it is typical to see them regarded as "throwaways."

Which one should I use?
Now, that's the $64,000 question. Logically, the single coil vape should be used by those who are habitual smokers and ‘vape’ frequently. Its longevity will suit frequent consumers, even if the vapor density and throat hit is not too suggestive. In short, it is meant for quantitative smokers.
The dual coil vape, meanwhile, should be consumed by those who want real value for their money. The e-cigarette burns out fast but produces enough throat hit and vapor density to give these people pleasure. In short, it is meant for qualitative smokers.

A tip
It will help single coil users to invest in an atomizer while dual coil users should utilize clearomizer or cartomizer.

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