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VZ Chocolate Flavored E-Liquid Guide 2018

Given the wide variety of options available, this is more like a brush upon than a guide. The VZ Chocolate e-liquid flavors range from mildly sweet to ‘I think I can taste chocolate!’  Dating back to 1900 BC and touted as an aphrodisiac, the cacao seed from which chocolate is produced- was considered by the Aztecs as a gift from the God of Wisdom. Cut to 2017, and chocolates are still a guilty pleasure and one of the most sought-after comfort foods.

Choosing The Right Chocolate E Cig Liquid Juice For Vaping

There’s no one size that fits all. Just like in the chocolate world, individual preferences range from bitter dark chocolate, tangy citrus, and mint-infused ones. As with the chocolate industry, the vaping industry also has individual preferences, after all, taste is subjective.

If you are looking for something that’ll help with post dinner chocolate cravings, go with a sweet chocolate based e juice flavor.  It will leave behind a sweet flavorful taste to quench that craving and also can make for an excellent all-day vape. In fact, when sweetness is a primary requirement for picking up a chocolate e liquid, fruit flavors, milkshake and mint type flavors balance well with a sweet chocolate vape juice flavor and are an ideal pick.  A basic chocolate milkshake combination works the dual purpose of keeping both smoking and chocolate cravings at bay.

Maybe hazelnut or mocha is your vice but when you are watching your weight you might as well say goodbye to Starbucks and hello to green tea.  Or you can substitute your favorite coffee flavors for a hazelnut or mocha flavored e-liquid.  I agree they are not the real deal, but it can come in as a close second. Mint chocolate flavored e-liquids are for vapers who have been accustomed to smoking the likes of Marlboro Smooth. The mint flavors replicate the feel of these cigarettes and come with a dash of that chocolate after-taste. Obviously this is just a handful of the e-liquids that are available today. You’ll have to keep sampling yourself to find your true chocolate e-liquid match.

How Much, How Strong?

In addition to the multiple versions of chocolate flavored e-liquids, you can also customize your e-liquid in terms of size and strength.  E-liquids can be bought in bottles in the size of 10 ml to 500 ml. It’s best to start your sampling with smaller sizes for your first try and once you find the flavor you like, you can then order larger sizes according to your vaping requirements.

It also makes sense monetarily to buy your e-liquid in bulk. Calculate your average monthly usage and then buy accordingly.
So if you vape 5 ml of chocolate e-liquid daily switching up the flavors twice a week, then a 50ml bottle would last you 25 days, even a month if you stretch it.

Add Ons

No matter the volume of chocolate flavored e cig juice you buy, you can always adjust the nicotine concentration. This concentration depends on two factors- what nicotine strength you want to vape and if you’re using an RDA.

Ideally the recommended nicotine range is somewhere between 6-18 mg though this again is subjective, and the concentration could be stronger for an addict looking to switch to electronic cigarettes.

Customization is the best part about switching to electronic cigarettes, correction- one of the best parts. And through customization you can get the right e liquid flavor, right nicotine strength, and also a dash of that icy menthol feel by including icy in the e-liquid, even double icy for a stronger hit. For vapers who pick up chocolate e-liquids particularly looking for a stronger decadent flavor, there’s the option to get additional flavor infused in your e-liquid.

Choose Only Made in USA E-Liquid Flavors

At VapingZone, we offer variety of chocolate E liquid Flavors-

-VZ Chocolate Covered Strawberries E-Liquid

-VZ Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee E-Liquid

-VZ Drip Chocolate Milkshake E-Liquid

-VZ Gourmet Chocolate Truffle E-Juice Liquid

-VZ Drip Chocolate Covered Strawberries E-Cig Liquid

All VZ E-Liquids are made with a blend of  (USP) grade ingredients to include PG, VG, nicotine, and FDA approved food-grade flavorings.


Cheaper alternatives leave behind a stale aftertaste that does not represent the actual flavor that you want and it hinders the vaping experience.  Always opt for Made in USA e-liquids. Come visit VapingZone- Online E Cigarettes Store  anytime you’re looking for just the right e-liquid.

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