Vaping : The truth & lies behind it. Vaping : The truth & lies behind it.

Even the most well received inventions or advancements in technology are plagued by a crowd of naysayers.  E-cigarettes and vaping as an industry also experience the same negativity from these naysayers. If you've heard of vaping, you've probably also heard stories involving potential risks rumbling through the rumor mill. Well fret not - we give you the inside information needed in order to debunk some of the most common lies used to discourage people from vaping.

E-cigarettes lure non-smokers by various attractive flavors.
A person who has to smoke will smoke. A person who doesn't want to smoke will not. With the wide publicity that smoking hazards receives, it is unlikely that anyone can be lured just because it comes in a few extra flavors.

In fact, it is known that smokers who have transitioned to e-cigarettes can't go back to regular cigarettes because they don't like the odor and taste.

Nicotine causes cancer.
Nicotine is about as dangerous as your strong cup of coffee. It's the tar created by burnt tobacco and preservatives that causes cancer, not the nicotine. E-cigarettes don't burn tobacco, thus there is no resultant tar.

Vaping will lead to tobacco smoking.
It is often argued that vaping will lead people to conventional smoking. In fact, studies have found that it is the other way around. Tobacco smokers have used vaping as a way to cut down on and eventually quit smoking.

Vaping is as deadly as tobacco smoking.
The best that can be said about effects of vaping on health is that they are not known. Anyone who cites the FDA report is misguiding you because all the report says is that the benefits or lack thereof are inconclusive - including the "adverse event reports".

Second-hand vapor is dangerous.
On the contrary, research shows that the vapour emitted by e-cigarettes causes less than twentieth of carcinogens and toxins that a regular cigarette produces. These are "trace amounts". Trace amounts are defined as so small in quantity that they cannot be measured - detectable but not quantifiable.

While it can agreed upon that the long-term effects of vaping are not known and should be watched out for, a quick look at the quality of arguments against e-cigarettes and their non-plausibility indicate either fear-mongering or propaganda by the likes of Big Tobacco.

That besides e-cigarettes have way too many advantages to be ignored. They -

  • don't leave the awful odor.
  • are easier on your pocket as a sum total of your smoking life.
  • don't use fire and thus are much safer
  • are cleaner for the environment and your home

If you are a smoker, you truly might want to consider a move to e-cigarettes. Vaping zone is a great place for you to get started.