Vaping: A Whole New World Vaping: A Whole New World

The popularity of vaping (the use of vapor cigarettes) as an alternative to the harmful effects of smoking tobacco, is increasing more than ever. More and more people are switching to ecigs, as they are more socially acceptable, less harmful to your health, and overall, more enjoyable with literally hundreds of flavors.

Accepting the vaping Trend

Vaping opens up a whole new world to those who want to have the enjoyment of a tobacco cigarette without all the harmful effects of tobacco. Those who are vape enthusiasts are part of a trend that is taking hold across the nation, and is showing fantastic signs of taking over the majority of smoking enthusiasts previously held by tobacco sales.

The brave new world of Vaping

Vape and electronic cigarette lounges are developing across the nation where vaping enthusiasts can enjoy a wide assortment of flavors, brands and style of vapor cigarettes. These vape lounges allow individuals to stop in and share the latest trends in ecigs while enjoying a beverage with friends. Those who quit smoking and move to much healthier tobacco-free vapor cigarettes are finding they feel better, can breathe easier, and no longer have to worry about those around them being harmed and/or offended by second hand smoke.

The rise of the vaping industry

The new world of vapor cigarettes has continued with exponential growth with 2013 sales over $1.7 billion. Over the next ten years, education about the benefits of switching to ecigs will continue. Vaping sales are expected to overtake traditional tobacco sales. This will become much easier once the government begins to see the value in switching to ecigs as they wave goodbye to the millions of tax dollars received from the harmful tobacco industry.

The Paradigm Shift from Smoking to Vaping

Those who do venture into the changing trend of switching to vapor ecigs will find that vaping is actually more enjoyable than their former smoking habits. With lots of flavors available in the form of eliquids, vaping enthusiasts can choose from basic tobacco flavors, or venture into the more trendy flavors of chocolate eliquid, juicy peach eliquid, and strawberry banana smoothie eliquid. Vapor electronic cigarettes ingredients include vegetable glycerin, water, FDA approved propylene glycol, and nicotine. There's really nothing else to vapor electronic cigarettes as they are completely tobacco-free and without the hundreds of harmful chemicals included in tobacco cigarettes.

The Vaping Experience

As those who experience the new trend of finally quitting smoking and moving to the much more enjoyable vaping experience, a whole new world of healthier nicotine enjoyment and hundreds of gourmet flavors will open up. Smoking enthusiasts no longer have to give up something they enjoy as the look, feel, and enjoyment can be had in a much healthier vapor cigarette Where else to look for than VapingZone. We offer top quality Vaping Products and if you are looking for a healthier alternative, VapingZone is the place to be.