Some Vape Tricks You Must Try With Your E-Cigs

Vaping is nothing like smoking and it has turned into a recreational sport for those who know how to do it right. Here are a few tips and vape tricks on how to make the most of your brand new vaping beauty and attract awed looks.

Cloud Chasing: It is considered a recreational sport for vapors. Trying to blow out large plumes of vapor is an art; it will surely gain you some audience or cloud gazers and a lot of applause. Remember, practice makes it perfect.


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Some Tips and Vape Tricks To Turn You Into An Ace Cloud Chaser: High quality, powerful and long-lasting set of batteries for some serious cloud chasing. You will need some high-quality e juice with at least 75% of glycerin to be able to make impressive clouds. Maintain constant low-resistance airflow. Get a quality rebuildable dripping atomizer for excellent air control mechanism. Mechanical mod set to correct value of voltage and wattage brings out the best performance. Put your mouth around the drip tip loosely to be able to maintain enough gap to be able to generate tons of vapor.

The Vaping Ring-This one is mostly pulled-off by master vapors. But we are not underestimating your ability as a fast learner. To master this one, you need to take in the vapor, hold in your mouth, then form a circular shape placing the tongue at the mouth opening and exhale the rings.

Ghost Inhale-Take a long pull from your e-cig and hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds, maintain the round shape and quickly re-inhale it for the desired shape.

The Jelly Fish-Once you have learned to make a ‘O’ from the vapor, the jelly fish is not difficult, you just need to pull in the center of the ‘O’ to make the arms of the jelly fish.

Vapey Mouse- This one needs two rings associated with a big ring, blow out a single big ring followed by two small rings simultaneously.

Some More Vape Tricks For 2017


These vape tricks may be easy but they still pack a punch.


New Vape Tricks For 2017
New Vape Tricks

The Dragon – This is a simple yet impressive vape trick with a fearsome look.

  • Without inhaling, take a long drag
  • Fill your mouth with vapor
  • Blow the vapor through both nostrils and the sides of your mouth at the same time

The Waterfall – Requires props. The Waterfall is a great vape trick to showcase at parties.

  • Take a bottle of frozen water and slowly blow your e-cig vapor into the top
  • Pour out the vapor onto a table
  • Your vapor will cascade out like a waterfall, collecting in a thick pool

The Vapor Bubble – Create big bubbles with just a few props.

  • Grab a plastic bottle with the bottom cut off
  • Mix some liquid soap and water to create a frothy solution
  • Dip the end of your tube into the solution
  • Slowly blow your e-cig vapor through the tube to create a vapor-filled bubble


Grab your electronic cigarette and practice these cool – and more complex – vaping tricks.

The Tornado – Make your own vapor twister with a whipped-up pool of vapor.

  • Slowly exhale your vapor onto a table, keeping it super-thick and still
  • Using your hand, chop at the vapor pool, flicking your wrist and raising your arm in one quick movement to create a spiral

The French Inhale AKA The Irish Waterfall – The French Inhale gives you tons of attitudes.

  • Take a drag without inhaling
  • Allow the vapor to settle in your mouth
  • Slowly open your mouth, pushing out your lower jaw so that the vapor flows out
  • Simultaneously inhale through your nostrils

Double and Triple O’s – Take your O-rings to the next level by blowing multiple O’s.

  • When exhaling your vapor, place one finger over your mouth
  • Press down and pull your top lip down to create two sections at your mouth opening
  • The wider you open your mouth, the more O-rings you will create!

The Bull Ring – Forget painful nose piercings; create a vapor ring out of your nostrils.

  • Practice in a mirror for best results
  • Blow out a medium-sized thick ring of vapor into the air
  • Lean forward and inhale the top of the ring through your nostrils

The Vape Bend – Add an awesome twist to the basic O-ring vape trick with The Vape Bend.

  • Blow a simple O-ring, cupping your hand next to your mouth
  • Chase the vape ring with your hand, guiding it through the air
  • This vape trick can easily be customized – try spinning the O-rings


It’s time to try out more advanced vape tricks to create some really impressive vape clouds.

The Triangle – Vape O-rings are so yesterday! Triangles are more suited to your pro status.

  • Create a thick vapor O-ring
  • Push the ring with your hand, tapping it twice in swift succession, forming a triangle
  • Timing is super-important. Speed equals more tricks in one sequence

The Bane Inhale – This vape trick replicates the mask of Batman’s nemesis Bane.

  • Repeat The French Inhale steps
  • Allow your top teeth to meet your bottom lip, creating little gaps
  • Vapor streams will pour out – quickly inhale them through your nose

You may become the celebrity vaper of the lot after you display some of these amazing vape tricks to your friends. But we recommend you try these only after you have practiced enough on your own for best results.