Vape Tank Leaking: 10 Vape Leak Hacks

Vape Tank Leaking: 10 Vape Leak Hacks
Vape Tank Leaking: 10 Vape Leak Hacks

Are you that guy having a solid hangover post Infinity Wars, having accepted that the disappearance of your vape juice is the magic of Thanos’s finger snap! Whoa! Time to wake up! Time to inspect your e cigarette on priority! If you are thinking How can I stop my vape from leaking? And you are a victim of Vape Leaking, don’t be. It’s a thing, it happens to everyone. You relax, while we fix it for you.

Vape Tank Leaking is a common and universal problem vapers face, and yeah, sometimes it can get on your nerves and can be potentially a matter of embarrassment and abasement.

There is n number of complaints about vape leaking.

Vape leaks when kept in a car,

vape leaks when the outside temperature is hot,

vape leaking from air hole, the bottom a lot

vape leaks just like that etc…

You name it! Vape leaks can freak you out; the leaks can be so nasty that you would never notice it until you run out of vape juice.

A real-life story of vape leaking goes like this – Paul an esteemed businessman (and of course an e cig fan) was out on his business delivering a talk to get a tentative deal converted to a million dollar business for his company. Just before the presentation, he vaped and kept the gadget in his pocket. In the middle of his presentation, he realized that the vape juice was dripping in his pocket. Poor guy lost the confidence in the middle of the important presentation and grew nervous and distracted. Though no-one noticed it, Paul had to return empty-handed.

Vape tank leaking has never been discussed much as a problem and possibly no-one perceives it as a problem that needs to be addressed. A general attitude of vapers in case of vape leaking is that it happens!

Well, no more! If you are facing the vape leaking problem, why to bear it? There are tips and tricks to avoid vape leaks, and it works.

Why Do Vape Leaks Happen?

  • But why does a well-manufactured vape tank leak? You are right. Theoretically, it should not. After all, the clearomizer vape tanks are tested for leakage and durability before they are out on for sale. Every manufacturer takes care of it.

  • Vape leaks can happen because of two major reasons – improper handling of your vape device or faulty device. The probability of the later is negligible as all the devices undergo rigorous testing before they are sent to a vape shop.

  • Improper handling of the clearomizer tank or e cig is the most frequent reason for vape leaking.

  • Vapers love experimenting, but very few experimenters keep notes. It is usually one of your experimenting steps that lead to vape leak. To fix it, all you need to do is to revert the steps, which, unfortunately, is only possible if you know what you have done in the first place!

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Ok… My Vape Leaks, Now What?

Vape leaking can be sorted step by step. Here, we have compiled 10 vape leak hacks that will be useful to get rid of vape leaking.

Vape Leak Hack #01. Neat and clean is the perfect scene

  • Well, true for anything in life, in general. Cleaning your vape tank on a regular basis is the first step towards avoiding vape leaks.

  • Over the time, vape juice can stick to the vape tank walls and start creating leaking issues if the tank is not properly cleaned.

  • Cleaning the vape tank also increases the longevity and efficiency of e cigs. So, consider it a priority.

Vape Leak Hack #02. Watch Out for Capacity

  • Once again, a rule of thumb for life decisions! Fill your tank properly. Do not overfill it.

  • When you overfill your vape tank, the extra vape juice spills. The bigger problem is not spilling but the inconsistent air pressure it builds inside the tank while you vape.

  • Such overfilled tanks leak like anything. You can take out extra vape juice using a dropper and enjoy a leak-free vape.

Vape Leak Hack #03. No Playing Around the Coils

  • Vape coils can pose serious leaking problems if they are not in a good shape.

  • Compatibility is another aspect when it comes to vape coils. Every manufacturer builds vape coils that are highly compatible with their own E Cigs.

  • If you are using multiple spare parts from multiple brands, vape leaking is inevitable.

  • Coils undergo a lot of wear and tear and need to be replaced on a regular basis. Old and out of shape coils can be a reason causing vape leaks.

  • Vape coils, as a spare part, are relatively cheap. Their replacement should not be a major financial turnover, we presume.

Vape Leak Hack #04. Cracks or No Cracks

  • Most of the branded vape tanks are made from tough and transparent Pyrex glass. The quality of the glass material changes brand to brand and it is expected to withstand regular wear and tear.

  • If you do not handle the tank properly, cracks show up. A cracky tank is a vape leak nightmare. You never know when the crack will grow and the tank will just spill the juice in your pocket!

  • It is better not to take a risk and simply replace the tank and use leak proof vape tank.

  • Regular inspection and cleaning (refer hack 01) are necessary to avoid vape leaking due to cracky vape tank.

Vape Leak Hack #05. Tilt, Invert, Shake

  • Your vaping style also matters a lot. If you have a habit of constantly tilting, inverting or shaking your e cigarette starter kit while vaping, then it may create problems.

  • Ideally, E Cigs should be used in a vertical position. Why? Because gravity and all other physical forces are at work and an imbalance can create leakage.

  • You can use different vape positions and test if your gadget leaks. If it does not, then it is good news. However, we recommend holding the mod vertically while vaping.

Vape Leak Hack #06. Seal It Properly, but Don’t Over tighten

  • You should always tighten all the parts of your vaporizer. The gap between the parts is of primary concern.

  • You should first match the threads properly and then tighten the lids. Your coil-atomizer connection and tank-atomizer connections are the two most important gaps that you need to take care of.

  • These attachments are meant to create a non-leaking gadget if fitted properly.

  • Do not over tighten these attachments. Over tightening can introduce cracks in the attachments or the threads may slip and introduce a slight gap through which the vape juice may leak.

  • Withering of O-rings due to vape juice or over tightening can also lead to vape leak. So, you have to be careful with O-rings and replace them regularly just like the vape coils.

Vape Leak Hack #07. What E Cig Juice Are You Vaping?

  • Juices matter a lot. Depending upon the quality and type of the juice vape leaking issue varies.

  • The PG/VG ratio of each e cig juice is different, making it thinner or viscous depending upon the concentration of VG.

  • PG based juices are thinner and tend to leak more as compared to VG based ones.

  • If leaking is a forever problem, switch to VG based juices.

Vape Leak Hack #08. Extra Material

  • Sometimes adding extra wicking material drastically reduces leaking. The wicking trick works best when you are using RBAs (Re-buildable Atomizers).

  • Increasing voltage or power while you vape is another thing that can minimize leaking. With extra power you vaporize more quantity of vape juice, in a way, preventing the leaking.

  • With the extra power, of course, comes extra responsibility! Increasing power is not a sustainable solution, as you will end up consuming vape juice like anything.

Vape Leak Hack #09. Vape it with Care and Love

  • A change of vaping style can tremendously reduce leaking issue. As we mentioned in the beginning, leaking arises mainly due to improper handling of the gadget.

  • Handling the E Cig with care can definitely reduce leaking.

  • If you inhale sharply you will end up drawing vape juice out of the tank. The trick is to puff longer.

  • Condensation of vape juice on mouthpiece is not vape leaking but a similar problem. You can avoid it by regulating the power button. You press the power button, puff, and immediately release the button.

  • You can even clean the mouthpiece from time to time so as to avoid the bitter taste of vape juice if it has condensed.

  • Note: This hack is for those vapers who complaints about vape leaking from the mouthpiece.

Vape Leak Hack #10. No Vaping While Flying

  • Vape leaking from air holes is the most common complaint we hear from vapers that take their filled e cigarette around the world in a flight.

  • It is better to travel with an empty tank, especially when you are taking a flight.

  • If leaks happen during the travel, you may not notice it and it will be a big job to clean it later on.

  • You can carry vape juice in an airtight container and vape once at your destination.

    Vape leaks a lot, but it can be fixed.

We all can agree that it does. If you could implement these 10 steps to prevent leaking vape tank, presented here, vape leaking will never be a problem. After all, losing a minute amount of E Juice is not the end of the world!

If you still think that these hacks never going to work for you, then you can invest in a leak-proof tank as a last resort.

Take Home Message

  • Vape leaking is a common problem, but not a big deal.

  • With proper handling and care, vape tank leaks can be easily avoided.

  • Sometimes, managing vape leaks also need changing your attitude towards the usage and handling of your vape instruments, and vaping style.

  • If the leakage occurs due to bad spare parts, then replacement is of great help.

  • Vape leakage can be effectively dealt and you can regain the complete pleasure of vaping, with just a little bit of effort.