Valentine Gift Vape: Gift Ideas for your Perfect Valentine

Valentine’s Day gift Vape
Valentine’s Day gift Vape

The best time of the year is approaching fast. The time of Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

This is the time of love and romance. A time to declare your love to your loved one by giving a heart full of wishes and an appropriate…nah…a perfect gift!

A gift that not only summarizes but also strengthens the love bond between you and your partner!

Finding such a unique Valentine’s Day gift is a herculean task, especially when you are out of gift ideas or just not thinking out of the box. Many end up gifting roses and chocolates, what a cliché! I am sure you do not want to generalize your Valentine.

Your Valentine is special and he/she deserves a special gift for the very special day. Who knows your current Valentine may turn out to be your would be life-partner, and you sure do not want to disappoint your would be life-partner with trivial gift ideas, anywhere found.

Remember a perfect gift is all that makes a perfect setting for the Valentine’s Day.

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to try something new, something courageous, something which you do not do often. Valentine’s Day gift is your power to transform your partner and provide him/her with a new avenue to start something of value.

Addiction such as smoking is difficult to get rid off but with a proper planning and encouragement, it is possible.

Last week, I received many questions regarding vaping products that Vaping Zone offers, and if they make a good Valentine’s Day gift.

I was delighted to see that users want to gift Vape gadgets (Valentine Gift Vape) to their Valentines. It is a courageous step and one that will ensure a long-lasting relationship.

Here are some of the questions, rephrased:

  • Are you having a girlfriend or boyfriend who smokes often, resulting in a disinterest in your relation?

  • Are you having frequent troubles because the smoking habit of your partner gets on your nerves?

  • Are you concerned about the health of your partner who is a chain smoker?

  • Are you just beginning a wonderful relation and want to add some extra spice to your love life by playing around with an e Cig?

Vaping is the answer to all your questions! You are looking for Valentine Gift Vape here.

Vaping, a next generation alternative to smoking, is the latest trend. To live a smoke-free life and at the same time enjoying flavors of life is what vaping offers.

Vaping involves e Cig, e Cig Mods, and E-juice. This means there are many opportunities to choose from a variety of these instruments from various manufacturers. This surely is the coolest gift idea if you are planning to quit smoking, beginning vaping, or simply want to enjoy occasional vaping for this is a new thing.

Vaping Zone offers a wide range of vape products that cover your vaping needs. We have well-reviewed products and quick home delivery system. Ours is the biggest online Vaping store. We also have a physical store located in Columbia, USA. We keep only the high-quality vape products to ensure that you get the best without spending your valuable time. You will also find some vape tricks and techniques to impress your vape partner in our blog section.

Here are some cool pointers to choose a healthy and, at the same time, an amazing Valentine Gift Vape for your Vaper Valentine.

Valentine Gift Vape #01 – e Cig


e Cigs have been looked as an effective alternative to quit smoking. e Cigs are much safer than traditional cigs, many scientific studies say so.

The e Cig kit could be your chance to impress your Valentine and also get rid of his/her smoking habit for a healthier life. E-Cigs make a cool Valentine Gift Vape.

e Cigs are pocket-friendly, do not produce smoke, and you can fuel them with the flavors or E-juice of your liking.

There is a plethora of e Cigs available in the market. e Cigs come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, making it easy to pick up the best-suited one as your Valentine Gift Vape. You can choose e Cigs, vape gadgets, and drip tips that suits your personality.

Vaping Zone offers a wide range of e Cigs. For beginners, we have e Cig kit for sale. There is a customization option available.

If you have spent a considerable amount of time vaping, then you know your vaping basics well, and what all spare parts you need to build your own kit.

Our best-sold e Cig kits are SmokTech TFV8 Cloud Beast, KangerTech TOPBOX Mini, and EGo-T2. SmokTech, KangerTech, and eGO are few of the best manufacturers of e Cig kits, all available on Vaping Zone, USA. These products are recommended products for 2017. These kits are your Valentine Gift Vape.

Valentine Gift Vape #02 – e Cig Mod

An e Cig starter kit contains various instruments, one of which is an e Cig Mod. Again, like e Cigs, e Cig Mods come in a variety of shapes, sizes, brands, and colors.

The e Cig Mods, also called as box Mods, are actually small power units in the shape of a box which fit the e Cig. You can have an e Cig Mod with embedded or replaceable e Cig battery. You can have RDA and RBA mechanical mods or go for atomizers.

Here, as well, SmokTech, KangerTech, and eGO are the leading manufacturers of vape Mods. At Vaping Zone, you can expect to see a variety of vape Mods.

We have carefully reviewed each vaping Mod that we sell. You will find the product specifications and reviews helpful if you wish to buy one as your Valentine Gift Vape.

Apart from vaping Mods, we also sell vape Mod accessories such as Lithium Ion batteries, trendy battery cases, and battery chargers.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest going for e-Cig starter kits than e Cig Mods, if you really want to impress your Vaper Valentine.

Valentine Gift Vape #03 – E-Juice

E-juice is the soul of Electronic Cigarettes. If you ask me what makes e Cig different from a traditional cigarette, it is the E-juice.

E-juice is nothing but the liquid that is converted into vapors by your e Cigarette. Now, if you really want to enjoy your electronic cig, you have to carefully choose the flavors.

E-juice is essentially a mixture of bases and vape flavors. If you or your partner is interested, you can have liquid Nicotine mixed with the E-juice.

If you love adventure, you can make your own E-juice by following this protocol.

Actually, making your own E-juice could be fun.

You can involve your Valentine in making E-juice; perhaps some experimentation will turn on your vaper partner.

There is a variety of E-juice flavors available on Vaping Zone. All these liquids are authentic, high-quality, USA based, and prepared so as to give you full satisfaction.

Starting from Vanilla Custard to Cinnamon Role and from Pink Lemonade to Caramel, we have it all. You may need to sneak in your Valentine’s diary of favorites and find the flavor he/she likes the most. The best Valentine Gift Vape idea ever!

Valentine Gift Vape #04 – Clearomizer

As vaporizer, e Cig Mod and E-juice are needed for the functioning of e cigarette, so is a clearomizer.

Clearomizers hold a large volume of E-juice. Many clearomizers have a transparent vape tank by which you can see how much E-juice is remaining in the vape tank. With clearomizers, you may get superior vapors at times, as many users claim.

If you buy an electronic cigarette starter kit, you do not need to buy the kit contents separately. But if you are an experienced vaper, then we have a lot of customization options for you.

We offer a multitude of clearomizers, all high-quality products. Our top products are SmokTech TFV8 Baby Beast, SmokTech TFV8 Cloud Beast, KangerTech TOPBOX Mini, Eleaf Ijust sub ohm tank and Aspire Nautilus (BVC) 5 ml Tank.

If you have a doubt on atomizers and clearomizers, refer this mist hub’s tutorial.

Valentine Gift Vape #05 – Nicotine Juice

Smokers, who switch to vaping, like to feel Nicotine in their vape. For this, liquid Nicotine is readily available. You can mix minute quantities of liquid Nicotine in your E-juice to convert it into Nicotine Juice for your vaporizer.

As I said, there are many tutorials and material available for making your own E-juice. We offer DIY E-juice flavors and liquid Nicotine for making Nicotine juice at affordable prices. Our DIY E-juice flavors range from Coffee to Beer and real fruit to Menthol. We also have gourmet e liquid flavors for sale.

Our unique formulation of liquid Nicotine is derived from 99.8% pure Nicotine, taking into consideration high-quality standards.

We also deal in a range of wholesale liquid Nicotine products. For DIY E-juice we also provide accessories in terms of bottles and syringes.

Valentine Gift Vape Summary

In a nutshell,

gifting vape gadgets as Valentine gift is an amazing idea.

You can choose from a variety of vape gadgets such as e cigarettes, vape Mods, E-Juice and e-liquid flavors, Clearomizers, and Nicotine Juice. Within each of these gift ideas, there are several options for customization and a super variety offered by Vaping Zone.

For beginners, let me repeat, e Cigs are definitely safer than traditional cigarettes. Vaping Zone strictly deals in high-quality products to provide you with your unique vaping needs and to serve you better.

I hope this article enriches your virtual Valentine Gift Vape idea store. If you want to try any one of the products mentioned in this article, don’t forget to buy it from Vaping Zone.

We have special gifts and a Valentine’s Day sale for your special one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!