‘eGo’ e-cigs are the most popular choice for folks who are just beginning to vape, but aren't yet ready for the ‘mod’ type of electronic cigarette. This is because eGo style batteries usually operate at a predetermined constant voltage. The ‘mod’ e-cigs usually feature variable voltage and wattage, which can puzzle most novice vapers. Still, the experience of using an eGo style battery is richer than the ‘cig-a-like’ (basic tobacco flavored e-cigs that look like traditional cigarettes).

Just to clarify, the ‘eGo’ in the eGo cigarette name is indicative of the style of battery used. eGo batteries last longer and produce denser vapor. These eGo batteries are definitely a step up from the standard, and arguably outdated, cig-a-like battery. Another benefit of using this style of battery is that it provides the throat hit that chain smokers crave. Although mod kits provide the best throat hit, your first foray into vaping should be with an eGo style vaporizer, especially if you smoke more than half a pack of cigarettes per day.

If vanity is a concern, eGo batteries are commonly available in multiple styles, sizes, and colors, not to mention multiple optional features that can increase the versatility of the battery.

Why Choose an E-Go Starter Kit

If you've been vaping for awhile, and already have your own small collection of e-cig components, it's perfectly alright buy individual parts. By this point, you’d have an idea of how to assemble and use the vaporizer.

But for a brand new vaper, with little to no knowledge of how an eGo cigarette works, it is best to get the starter kit that comes with a clearomizer that is compatible with the eGo battery in the kit. Videos, guides, instruction manuals regarding the use of your new kit, as well as various FAQs are easy to access.

Things to Know Before Choosing an E-Go Starter Kit

These days, most starter kits come with a clearomizer, the eGo battery, a zip-up case, as well as a USB charger and wall adapter for charging the eGo battery. Clearomizers typically use silica wicks to slowly and consistently deliver the e-liquid into the heating coil at the heart of the clearomizer, which transforms the e-liquid from the tank into a pleasantly flavorful vapor, which is then inhaled by the user.

Variations in Ego Battery Design

Variable Voltage

When searching for an eGo kit, you might find one that features voltage adjustment. Look for the word ‘VV’ or ‘twist’ while you're perusing the product description, as these can indicate voltage adjustment by twisting. Whichever type you choose, make sure you read the reviews online first.

Pass-through Functionality

Another optional feature on eGo batteries is pass-through functionality. eGo pass-through batteries may be charged via two methods, the first of which is by the classic ‘screw on’ charger that is connected to the top of your eGo battery the same way your clearomizer would be. This, of course, means that you would have to unscrew the clearomizer from your battery while it is charging.

Thankfully, the pass-through feature adds the ability to charge and use your eGo battery simultaneously. This is functionality is provided by a small USB port which is usually at the bottom end of the eGo battery. It is typically concealed by a screw-on cap that protects the charging port from debris or liquid when not in use. eGo pass-through batteries are great for folks who are near a computer all day, or folks who spend a lot of time in a car. Most newer vehicles feature USB ports that can be used to charge your eGo battery without an adapter. Even vehicles that don't have USB ports can charge an eGo battery, provided a cigarette lighter to USB adapter is used.

Top Coil VS. Bottom Coil

Your eGo starter kit will include a clearomizer that is based on one of two industry standard designs. One type features a ‘bottom coil’ design which features wicks that are very short. In this style of clearomizer, gravity does the work of making sure that the wicks are always saturated, as long as there is enough e-liquid in your e-cig tank to submerge the wicks.

Secondly, your clearomizer may feature a ‘top coil’ design. These clearomizers will have noticeably longer wicks that protrude from the coil near the top of the air tube inside your clearomizer, and continue down near the bottom of the clearomizer tank. If you prefer to use a top coil clearomizer, please take care to ensure that you keep your e-cig tank at least 1/3 filled, because the only way that the e-liquid can be delivered to the coil in one of these clearomizers, is by the capillary action of these long silica wicks. If your e-cig tank gets too low, or you vape back to back too many times in a row, you might experience a burnt flavor or at worst, a dry hit, because the wicks have not been given enough time to deliver e-liquid to the coil.

Finding The Right Balance

If you vape a lot, it's typically best to chose a bottom coil clearomizer with larger tank, so that a single refill of the clearomizer will last longer. There are multiple reasons why a vaper may prefer a top coil design, and/or a smaller tank, or smaller e-cig altogether. Some vapers may want to be more discrete with their vaping. Portability and vaping on the go might also be what a vaper looks for. Small tanks and batteries can be more discrete and pocketable, but will usually not perform as well or as long as their larger siblings.

For those in favor of mixing ejuice themselves, the ego cigarettes with big tanks are perfect for refilling ejuice easily and without making a mess.

Lastly, make sure you buy an eGo cigarette of a good brand and from a reputed website or seller like vapingzone. The top-most brands might cost a bit more but they are unrivaled in quality and experience.