The rise and rise of Vaping The rise and rise of Vaping

Are you tired of the usual cigarettes and pipes? Do you feel worried about your health being depleted by smoking those “death sticks?" You don't have to take my word for it, but you absolutely are not alone. Many others experience the same worries and health declination everyday, but there's hope: a new solution!

Just switch to the latest technological innovation to sweep the entire globe. The electronic cigarette, or "e-cigarette," a battery-powered electronic device that is widely used by smokers. These e-cigarettes contain a cartridge filled with nicotine solution, used for smoking purpose. The nicotine liquid material is vaporized with the help of the atomizer present in the e-cigs.

Since its inception, the e-cig industry has been growing and currently in the U.S. Alone, it is over a $1.7 billion industry.

Shift to the electronic:

A good thing about electronic cigarettes is that they offer more than just your usual nicotine based flavors. You can choose from a variety of herbal and risk free, and even nicotine-free flavors to suit your tastes. Their function is not based on the process of combustion, or burning, as in normal cigarettes. A heating coil simply heats up liquid to it's vapor-point, ensuring that only vapor is formed. Not only that, according to recent statistics, e-cigs also help you to save a lot of money. For a light or heavy smoker, switching to an electronic cigarette will help you to save at-least $30 to $120 per month.

However, the increasing e-cig brands and benefits offered, has led to growing demands. From 2012-2013, the sales of e-cigs has doubled, and if current trends are taken into consideration, sales are expected to increase by at least 20% by 2015. But to obtain optimum satisfaction, you should choose the best electronic cigarette from a genuine manufacturer or dealer. Vapingzone is one such vendor that provides authentic and original e-cig components. Smokers can get a variety of products from a spectrum of manufacturers, that too at an affordable cost.

Increasing e-cig brands have made these electronic gadgets extremely popular on the internet. Also, as 55% of electronic cigarette smokers are between 31 and 50 years old, they take into account every minute detail before spending their hard-earned money on any given product. There are a number of parameters associated with the e-cigs that contribute to any individual's own satisfaction associated with smoking an electronic cigarette. Below mentioned are some of the essential features offered by the leading electronic cigarettes :

  • The e-cigs come in different flavors of cheap eliquid to enhance your smoking experience.

  • The cartridges of the e-cigs can be conveniently refilled with the different flavored cheap refill of your choice.

  • The charging of the e-cigs can be done using an USB adapter, which can be easily carried in your pockets.

  • The device is also very affordable to buy.

  • Bid farewell to the toxic smoke, and say hello to vaping, which will contribute to the experience of living a more fit and healthy life.

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These offer a feeling enriched with the usual blend of tobacco or non-tobacco cigarettes for your taste. Highly portable and fire resistant features make it the perfect companion for your smoking needs for sure. Moreover, it gives the chance to switch to a personalized smoking experience. Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are in great demands in recent days, due to its easy to handle feature.