Understanding the basic components of e liquid


For new vapers, understanding e liquid and e cig liquid components can seem to be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, e-liquid itself doesn’t typically contain many ingredients, so understanding it can be far less daunting than most people believe.

Today, we’ll cover the basic components and ingredients to most e-liquids, suggested nicotine levels for vaping beginners, frequently asked questions, and lastly, e-liquid safety. Please be aware that this is a very quick “skimming across the surface” concerning e-liquid knowledge.

There is much more to learn (if you would like) but what follows is the information we use to educate brand new customers who come into our e liquid wholesale store to buy their very first e cigarette starter kit.

Whats In E Liquid? – E-Liquid Ingredients

Typically, e cig juice contains several basic ingredients. Each of these e liquid ingredients contributes a certain property to the final product. The amount of each ingredient can be changed in order to alter the characteristics of the e-liquid in the end.

Propylene Glycol:

Also known as “PG,” it is one of the basic carriers in e-liquid. It has a thinner viscosity than the other basic carrier in e-liquid, so it flows and wicks more easily. It also contributes more to “throat hit.” 100% pure United States Pharmaceutical Grade Propylene Glycol appears clear in color.

Vegetable Glycerine:

Also known as “VG,” it is the other basic carrier in e-liquid. It has a thicker viscosity than the other basic carrier in e-liquid, so it flows more slowly, and takes a bit longer to be absorbed into wicks. VG tends to produce a remarkable amount of vapor, compared to PG. VG is easier on the throat, and has a slightly sweet taste. 100% Pure United States Pharmaceutical Grade VG will appear slightly yellow, but still clear, in color. This might solve your confusion – why vaping is harsh on the throat and how to manage it.

Vape Flavoring:

E Juice Flavor is one of the main e-liquid component that varies the most in e-liquid. VapingZone- E Juice online store uses 100% FDA approved food flavorings, as well as flavorings made specifically for vaping. When food-flavorings are used, it’s low concentration requires that more flavoring be added to achieve an acceptable amount of flavor in the e-liquid. When super-concentrated e liquid vaping-only flavorings are used, less flavoring is required, yielding to a “more pure” final product. Typically, most e-liquids will be comprised of between 2% to 20% flavoring, depending on what types of vape flavorings are used.


The main reason why we vape, nicotine is of the utmost concern to any new vaper. Nicotine content on a bottle of e-liquid is most commonly listed in one of two formats: percentage, and by volume. You can use zero level nicotine (e juice without nicotine) in your vape or pure nicotine liquid (e juice with nicotine). We recommend to use extra caution when handling nicotine. You can buy wholesale liquid nicotine at VapingZone.

VZ Nicotine Level Chart

Nicotine by Percentage: If you see a bottle of e-liquid that reads “1.8% Nicotine,” this means that 1.8% of the contents of that bottle is nicotine. It’s “by-volume” equivalent would be listed as “18mg.”

Nicotine by Volume: If you see a bottle of liquid that reads “24mg,” this means that there are 24 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid. Its “by percentage” equivalent would read as “2.4% Nicotine.” You can also get e liquid flavor calculator online. At VapingZone, you can get e cig liquid for sale.

How nicotine changes E liquid

In the case of e liquid without nicotine, its flavor can be fully appreciated. Also, nicotine-free e-liquid will be the least harsh on your throat, with all other ingredients being equal. As nicotine concentration levels in the e liquid increase, throat hit or harshness will also increase while vaping. As a result of there being less physical room in the bottle for vape flavoring when more nicotine is used, the strength of your e-liquid’s flavor will also gradually be reduced when more nicotine is present.

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Buy E Cig Juice Online
Buy E Cig Juice Online

Heat and E Liquid


Here is the important tip about e liquid for beginners.

Many new vapers in warm to hot climates will leave their e-cigs in their cars or vehicles while out and about. This is generally not a good idea, as the ambient temperature in a car during the summer can approach or exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

You must be wondering, why is my e juice changing color?

As e-liquid’s temperature rises, it also becomes less viscous, or more thinner. This can lead to leakage from your vape, and or flooding of the vape coil in your e-cig. Heat can also stimulate the natural aging process of e-liquid that occurs by oxidation.

This is generally why people who leave e cig juice or e-cigs in their car will find that it has changed color, usually to a darker one.

Mild heat is often used to “rush-steep” new e-liquids to allow all of the ingredients to mesh well and deliver the best possible flavor, but excessive heat can lead to the aforementioned results.

E-liquid Safety

E-Liquid may contain nicotine, which in high dosage, is lethal. It is extremely important that all e-liquid containers are tightly secure when not in use, and are kept well away from children and pets. It is highly recommended that your e cig juices are kept in a locked container or cabinet in order to prevent children or pets from gaining access.

It is also important to know that since children and pets are physically much smaller in size than adults, the amount of nicotine that is harmful and/or lethal to them is much less than it would be for an adult. Always use child-proof caps. Take special care to avoid spillages, leakage or physical contact with the liquid. If spillages occur, clean it up immediately and thoroughly. In case of an accidental ingestion of e-liquid, seek immediate medical attention.