Everything You Need To Know About Stealth Vaping

What is Stealth Vaping?

Stealth Vaping
Stealth Vaping

Vaping has been banned in places such as shops, bars and other general areas in public, even though there is medical evidence stating that vaping is safer than smoking regular cigarettes. To put it into simple terms for you, stealth vaping is a way to diminish the indication of vaping, simply to evade disturbance or awkwardness. The emphasis is to decrease the distinguish ability of vapor clouds, however other factors also come into consideration such as the size of the e cig mod and the odor of your e cig liquid.

In this article, we’ll cover how to stealth vape at work, the best stealth vape juice, the best stealth mod you can buy for 2018 and certain stealth vaping techniques. We see that it is not about violating the law, however working within it and vaping without breaking boundaries is still possible thanks to stealth vaping. There are two types of different categories in vaping, cloud chasing and stealth vaping.

Cloud chasing is for the people who want to blow the biggest vaping clouds; this somewhat draws attention if you are doing this in public. However, stealth vaping is the opposite; you want to blow smaller clouds while still getting the nicotine fix at the same time. Many people consider stealth is vaping to vape discreetly without drawing unwanted attention and to minimize disruption to the public. Stealth vaping is usually cheaper than getting into cloud chasing because you spend less money on e-liquid and higher wattage mods. If you’re that sort of person that wants to vape in the corner of the street and be in your own world, stealth vaping is for you and you will get benefit from this vaping guide a lot.


A wide range of offices is applying vaping bans, deprived of seeing the wealth of scientific evidence out there. If you find that vaping puts your job position at risk then obviously its best to be circumvented if it can. Everybody has their reasons for why they want to consider stealth vaping.

E Cig Liquid
E Cig Liquid

It’s important that you use the right type of vape setup. Certainly, one that has multiple batteries with high wattage output is something you would want to avoid in this situation. I personally would recommend getting an e-cigarette starter kit if you want to stealth vape. This is for two reasons, they are compact to carry around and are designed not to produce big huge clouds. However, if you still own a powerful box mod, with a few tweaks to the wattage and airflow on the tank, it is still possible to steal vape at work.


Apart from having a small-sized mod, the other key element in a stealth vape set-up is the e-liquid. VG is the main ingredient when it comes to blowing thick foggy clouds, so it’s obvious the lower, the better it is for stealth vaping at work. We recommend that you consider an equal 50/50 PG/VG split ratio, but more PG will provide better stealth capabilities. However, you don’t want to have too much quantity of PG in your e-juice as it can be harsh on the throat. It is not just about the clouds, in fact, the main giveaway to somebody vaping is the smell from flavored e-liquid. If you want to stealth vape with extreme caution, then its recommended vaping unflavored juice, however, this can become dull and boring. Stealth vapors tend to go for a higher nicotine content, to make up for the lack of throat hit produced by a weaker vapor. Using higher nicotine e-liquid will mean that you will require fewer hits. Less hit means fewer chances of drawing attention in public or at work.

Some aromas are there, that are more obvious in e-liquid that others, so here are the best-recommended flavors if you want to stealth vape. Citrus, menthol or cream based vape flavoring e-liquid are recommended because they blend well in most situations. The vape flavors that tend to blow your cover when trying not to get caught stealth vaping are tobacco, cakes, pastries, and strawberries. They have a distinctive smell to them if vaped, and won’t really blend into being something else other than an e-cig flavor. Do you want to purchase the best vape flavors for stealth vaping, click on e-liquids.


If you have got into stealth vaping and you are considering looking for the best stealth vape mod for 2017, then head over to vapingzone.com right now. We provide an extensive selection of stealth ecig mods that come in all sorts of sizes and colors at great prices. The Smok X-Priv 225W Tc and TFV12 Prince Starter Kit is ideal if you want to stealth vape on the go. With its low power output and compact size, you can easily stealth vape at work without being noticed.

If you are after something that comes in a pen design, then the SMOK Stick Prince with TFV12 Prince Vape Starter Kit is also on our recommendation list for a stealth vape. Remember, the two most important factors in selecting a stealth vaping setup, is the size of the device and its lower power output. Size for being not too big in your hand or pocket and not being rated for high wattage, as our focus is not blowing the biggest clouds. Are you looking for the best ecig mod for stealth vaping? Click on the best ecig mods.

Buy E-Cigarettes Starter Kit Online
Buy E-Cigarettes Starter Kit Online


Once you have the perfect stealth vape e-cig setup and e-liquid, it’s time to learn about the different stealth vaping techniques to ensure your vaping goes unnoticed.

  • Taking longer hits:

This is one of the most frequent and most effective stealth vaping technique. Using your small stealth vape pen with high content PG juice, place your mouth onto the end of the vape pen and press the fire button. Inhale the vapor and keep it in your lungs for a couple of seconds before exhaling it out. With this stealth technique, the vapor thickness will be intensely condensed, while still providing you with a sufficient nicotine sensation.

  • Holding the vapor in:

When you inhale the vapor produced by your electronic cigarette into your lungs, what you would usually do is quickly blow it out the following second. If you take a deeper inhale for 5 seconds or more and then exhale back out of your nose, there will be almost little to none vapor coming out. If you blow the vapor out from your nose, it allows it to get diluted with oxygen making its appearance reduced.

  • Repeat Inhale:

This stealth vaping technique involves you to take a second attempt on breathing in the air after you initially lure e-cig vapor into your lungs, holding it in your system for as long as possible. What this does is help weaken the vapor on the exhale, making it far less obvious when blown back out.

  • Swallow and Nose Trick:

Only deep inhale on your vapor, then swallow it and hold it in for a couple of seconds. Then when you exhale, instead of exhaling it back out your mouth, this time instead exhale it through your nose. This stealth vaping technique will ensure that most of the vapor is captivated by your lungs, while instantaneously weakening it with oxygen.

  • Shirt Trick:

This is the best stealth vaping technique if you are at work. This is very simple to apply, all you do is take a quick vape inhale then blow the subsequent vapor down your shirt. The material of your clothes will engage some of the vapor formed from the e-liquid and it’s far less evident than blowing a trail of vapor into the air. This stealth vaping technique takes practice and is the hardest to accomplish out of the others. Since if you take too hard of a hit, you’ll end up with clouds rushing out the bottom of your clothing.

  • Napkin Trick:

Works the same as the shirt trick, however, the difference is that instead of blowing vapor down your shirt, you are blowing it directly into a paper towel. The material that is used to construct any paper towel will act as a filter, so that it will absorb much of the fragrance and clouds produced from the e-liquid from a vape pen.

Although, stealth vaping can be beneficial in many different situations, however, it’s important that you incorporate with extreme caution. Vaping in some sensitive situations, such as working in a hospital or school environment is completely banned, and you will risk losing your job position with the company if alerted. It’s clear that stealth vaping is beneficial to many and is an easy talent to learn. Reducing the amount of vapor, making it appear more distinct will stop you getting observed, however,

please be aware of the law and don’t use stealth vaping knowledge to put your freedom at potential risk.

The aim of this stealth vaping guide is to vape while being considerate around your surrounded environment sneakily.

That’s everything you need to know about stealth vaping. Having the right vape pen, stealth juice and taking our stealth vaping techniques on board will allow you to vape in places you couldn’t vape in before.

Happy Vaping!!!