Is Second Hand Vape Harmful?

second hand vapor
second hand vapor

So, everyone knows that second-hand tobacco smoke can be harmful, but what about second-hand vapor? While some people think that there are no adverse side effects to sharing a room with a vaper, others have concerns about whether exposure to someone else’s clouds can damage their health. The debate has led to many researchers carrying out studies into precisely what the effect of second-hand vapor is – and if, indeed, there is any. These studies couldn’t come at a better time since increasing numbers of public places are now banning e-cigs without any investigation into whether or not they represent a danger to the public’s health. You might be getting so many questions in your mind such as –

Can second hand vapor smoke harm you?

Can second hand vapor cause headaches?

Can second hand vapor get you high?

Does second hand vaping affect asthma?

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We are here to answer you about second hand vape.

What Do We Already Know About Second Hand Vapor?

As e-cigarette starter kits have only really been around for around a decade, there is currently no definitive way of determining the long term potential effects of second hand vapor exposure; however analysis has already been carried out on emitted vapor to find out if anything potentially harmful is being released. The consensus of most of this research has shown that not only is second hand vapor a lot safer than tobacco smoke, but it may even be virtually non-existent. Although different benchmarks have been used for analytical purposes, the majority of studies appear to have confirmed that the aerosol which is emitted from vapes isn’t really harmful at all. For example, a 2014 study investigating second hand vapor exposure within the workplace came to the conclusion that no evidence was presented to show that e-cig users (vapers) were exposing their colleagues to risky contaminants, and that any second hand exposure would, in fact, be under 1% of the current threshold limit for air quality in the workplace.

Tobacco Smoke Vs. E-Cig Vapor

The fact remains that most experts have now acknowledged that using vapes is an excellent alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and that potentially, they could be of benefit to the entire public health community. Researchers found in 2014 that e-cig vapor contains less than 1/20th of the amount of toxins and carcinogens found in cigarette smoke – a study which followed on the heels of the 2012 revelation that e-cigs produce minimal exposure to byproducts and that no apparent health risk is posed by e-cig emissions. One of the biggest differences between tobacco smoke and second hand e-cig vapor is that cigarettes emit harmful byproducts continuously while the only second hand exposure from vapes comes solely from the exhaled breath of the user.

E-Cig Vapor Vs. Ambient Air

Some people will be quick to point out that it cannot possibly be fair to compare second hand smoke from vapes to that produced by tobacco cigarettes since obviously, it will fare much better. The real standard for comparison should be against the ambient air which we breathe in every day. Researchers have looked into this too, and in a measurement of 8 types of harmful constituents, and the result showed that even the combined weight of all of those constituents found in e-cig vapor was under 0.17 milligrams. Since ambient air has around 0.16 milligrams of these constituents in it already, the evidence overwhelmingly shows that second hand e-cigarette vapor is almost identical to breathing in regular air.

Is Nicotine An Issue?

While not all e-cigs use nicotine or liquid nicotine, most do, and there is some concern that e-cig vapor may expose non-vapers to this potentially addictive substance, especially if vaping is carried out indoors. While the experts are still unsure about the facts, there are still studies which show that the amount of nicotine which is emitted in e-cig vapor is around ten times less than that found in cigarette smoke.

Overall, there is plenty of debate still going on about the safety of second hand vapor, and as yet, it is impossible to provide a definitive answer about their effect on public health. However, the overwhelming conclusion has to be that in general, the wider audience will enjoy better health if every smoker switches to vaping. In fact, despite all of the new bans which seem to be appearing everywhere, the truth of the situation is that second hand clouds are less harmful than the air you breathe in a while sitting in traffic.

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