There is no better reason to quit smoking than the desire to live longer. Smoking is extremely harmful and anything that takes care of this addiction without its harmful effects would be a good alternative. So, why is an electronic cigarette better than an actual one? Let us find out:

Tar- Smoking an actual cigarette produces a thick black byproduct called tar which is harmful and can prove to be fatal. Smoking the JOYETECH EVIC-VTC MINI 75W WITH TRON TANK produces vapor and no tar at all.

When an actual cigarette is smoked out on a cloth, it turns yellow, where as when an E cigarette is blown out on a cloth, it remains white. You now know what a cigarette can do to your lungs.

Cost- Let's do the math - smoking a pack of cigarette is far more expensive than an E-cig. An e-cig is a onetime investment, with rechargeable batteries that last longer than expected.

Chemicals- when it comes to vaping a JOYETECH EVIC-VTC MINI 75W WITH TRON TANK, a user would know exactly what the ingredients are. The E-cig is sleek and magnetic and an absolute stunner. A smoker on the other hand is taking in all sorts of chemicals with absolutely no idea of the harm they are deliberately causing to their system.

Safety- the E-cigarettes at Vaping Zone are tried and tested and absolutely safe to use. For a healthier option and a safe alternative to a cigarette that kills slowly, check out our E-cig range today.