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Is Nicotine Vapor Bad?

Is Nicotine Vapor Bad?
Nicotine vapor E Cigarette

Nicotine vapor E Cigarette

Is Nicotine vapor bad? Isn’t this a million dollar question, still unresolved, unexplored, and surrounded by several biases and misconceptions? We say Nicotine vapor Is Not Bad For You! Amazed??? Your mind must have been boggled by this bold statement of ours, but hold your horses, by the end of this article you will agree with us on this!

Vaping has always been looked at as an alternative to smoking with tremendous health benefits, but many do not get that vaping can give you pleasures of smoking if you add a pinch of Nicotine to your vape juice! OMG!!! But is Nicotine vapor bad for you?? Are there always bad Nicotine effects?

Wait…why would anyone does that? The whole point of vaping was to get away from Nicotine addiction, isn’t it? Well, the answer is a big NO!!! Re-asking the same questions this time but answering them critically may shed some light on your misconceptions about Nicotine, Tobacco, and vaping. So, is Nicotine vapor bad for you?? Have you read about Nicotine effects???

Nicotine is not at all bad! After all, Nicotine is as herbal as it could get, coming from a crop that is still cultivated extensively across many parts of the world. There are, of course, hundreds of Nicotine effects, but most of them are either neutral or positive.   

In fact, Nicotine has been tested and proved to be an effective drug in treating some of the most complicated psychological disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Parkinson disease, Schizophrenia, Depression, and Anxiety. Apart from the psychological disorders, Nicotine can also be helpful in dealing with body pain and obesity.   

These are the facts coming from expert researchers such as Dr. Tabitha Powledge who writes about Nicotine as therapy in the prestigious PLoS Biology research journal. If so, then why were we unaware of this wonder drug’s existence to date? What is wrong here?

Why ‘Nicotine’ as a chemical has always been criticized for its ill effects and addictive nature. Is Nicotine vapor bad for you? Let’s find out!

Vaping Nicotine E Cig Liquid

Vaping Nicotine E Cig Liquid


Is Nicotine vapor Bad – The Origin of Nicotine

  • Nicotine has a long and interesting history. The Tobacco plant is native to Americas. The usage of Tobacco as medicine and stimulant dates back to at least 2000 years.
  • Smoking Tobacco using pipes and cigars was a status symbol during the 17th Century and slowly use of Tobacco for recreation paced as industrial revolution gained speed.
  • In 1828, Dr. Wilhelm Posselt and Karl Reinmann first isolated nicotine from the Tobacco plant, identifying it as a chemical poison.
  • Over the time, the ill effects of the overdose of Nicotine and addiction became clearer to the masses and that’s when Government started intervening in Nicotine use by passing strict rules and regulations and laws to limit the usage of Nicotine.
  • Then onwards, Nicotine, the drug used by us for thousands of years, became infamous.

Is Nicotine vapor Bad – From Where Does the Nicotine Come?  

  • Nicotine is found in the leaves of Nightshade family of plants. Typically extracted from the leaves of Tobacco plant Nicotiana tobacum.
  • Not only Nightshade family but other families that include cash crops such as Potato, Brinjal also contain Nicotine, however, in trace amount.
  • For many of these plants, Nicotine acts as an antiherbivore chemical, protecting the leaves from herbivores.
  • Worldwide the Tobacco plant is the sole source of Nicotine coming in cigarette packets.
  • When it comes to vaping, the Tobacco plant is replaced by Nicotiana rustica, a plant that can produce strong extracts of Nicotine. This plant is generally grown in tropical countries.
  • Apart from naturally extracted Nicotine, nowadays people are relying on synthetically produced Nicotine. The synthetic Nicotine for many commercial ventures is a short-cut to avoid FDA regulations imposed anything “made or derived from Tobacco”.    


Nicotine Effects – What Does it Do to Your Body?

  • Nicotine as a chemical, once inside your body, attaches to neuroreceptors that are otherwise targeted by Acetylcholine.
  • By doing this, Nicotine can activate other neurotransmitters which give you a ‘kick’ which slowly converts into getting ‘high’.
  • ‘Kick’ is nothing but the rush of Adrenalin through the body that makes you alert and prepared. When you get ‘high’ it is all due to Dopamine release, the pleasure neurotransmitters, that takes you to a calm and ‘feel good’ mental state.
  • In small quantities, Nicotine can give you psychological pleasures, help you concentrate, make you stress-free, and elevate your mood. And this is why Nicotine is popular.
  • The Nicotine effects mainly depend upon the mode of delivery and the dosage. While smoking, the Tobacco leaves are literally smoked to produce hauls of Nicotine that the user inhales.    
  • Smoking produces large puffs of Nicotine which can readily mix with blood and give you kicks in pulses. It is analogous to getting an electric shock.
  • While vaping Nicotine juice you can control the dose, plus there is no smoke produced.
  • The Nicotine effects also depend upon your age and physiology. For adults, a lethal Nicotine dose could be as large as 500 mg, whereas for kids it could be 100 mg.   


Nicotine Effects – Is Nicotine Addictive?

  • The biggest threat to us with the consumption of Nicotine through smoking on a regular-basis is developing Tobacco addiction, which is not easy to get away with.
  • There is a consensus that Nicotine is addictive, but again, it depends!
  • The mode of delivery is all that matters. All the long-term studies so far on Nicotine addiction comes from experiments on smokers, which have proven consumption of Nicotine through cigarettes is addictive.
  • At the same time, it has been observed that other modes of Nicotine delivery are less harmful and possibly do not result in addiction. For instance, vaping.
  • The problem does not lie in the chemical, but the way we inhale it! We change the way, and this wonder drug could still do wonders for us!  


Is Nicotine vapor Bad – Nicotine in Vaping Juice

  • Vaping Nicotine through vaping juice is one of the best ways to avoid ill effects of inhaling Nicotine through smoking Tobacco.
  • VZ RY4 and VZ Desert Ship: These are one of our best Nicotine Juices you can have. The juice is made in the USA taking utmost care to retain the flavor. The vape juice can be customized as per your choice of Nicotine concentrate and flavor such as Menthol or Double Menthol.
  • Additionally, at VapingZone, you can select the vape juice concentrate of your liking and mix Nicotine juice in it as per your choice to make the perfect cocktail you wish.


Buy Nicotine Liquid

Buy Nicotine Liquid

Is Nicotine vapor Bad – The Bad of Nicotine Overdose

  • Cancer and cardiovascular diseases are the favorite topics of many when it comes to discussing the dark side of Nicotine.
  • Again, Nicotine as a drug does not cause this directly; it is indeed a cumulative effect when you are smoking Tobacco and inhaling Nicotine.
  • With changing the mode of delivery such as opting for vaping, the apparent bad-side of Nicotine can be easily dealt with.


Is Nicotine vapor Bad – The Good of Nicotine

  • There are several positive effects of Nicotine. As mentioned earlier, Nicotine can be a way to deal with psychological disorders.
  • To maintain general well-being of brain, Nicotine is the drug you need!
  • Nicotine consumption, since long, has been a recreational activity for humans. It is also something that helps us bond over social networks.
  • Nicotine at lower dosage has been shown to stimulate the production of red blood cells and growth of blood vessels.    


Is Nicotine vapor Bad – How Vaping Can Help

  • So far, vaping has been one of the best ways to get away from the ill effects of smoking.
  • A variety of Nicotine Vape Juices are currently available, containing a varying degree of Nicotine concentrate.
  • Nicotine vaping ensures that you vape exactly what you want to and not inhale other toxic by-products coming from smoking Tobacco such as Carbon Monoxide.
  • Nicotine vaping is a regular thing nowadays. There are Nicotine vaping communities which one can join and enjoy this part of the vaping.
  • You can have your liquid Nicotine in varying degrees of concentration starting from 0 mg/ml to 6 mg/ml. The 0 mg/ml means that there is no Nicotine in the vape juice. 3 mg/ml is generally considered a moderate dose, whereas 6 mg/ml is the best suitable dose for moderate/light smokers.
  • You can even try a higher dose beyond 6 mg/ml, but then there are risks involved if you are frequently trying these concentrations.
  • This kind of control on intake concentration of Nicotine is essential to enjoy Nicotine juice, which can only be done when you are using an E Cig.
  • Apart from the control over Nicotine concentration, vaping also gives you amazing customization power in terms of flavors and quality of Nicotine juice. There are several DIY options available with the Nicotine juice. Finally, variety is the spice of the life, so why not has some of it!


Is Nicotine vapor Bad – Summary

    • Tobacco has been traditionally in practice as a stimulant and drug since time immemorial.
    • Only after commercialization of Tobacco products and finding out the secret ingredient that gives a ‘Kick’ and ‘High’ after Tobacco smoking, the real ill effects of smoking Tobacco have been realized by us.
    • Nicotine as a component of Tobacco has since got a bad name just because of the practices that make it an addictive drug, possibly causal agent for several diseases.
    • Recent studies have found out that if you change the mode of delivery for Nicotine it can still act as the wonder drug without causing major side effects.
    • In this sense, vaping over smoking is the best-available option around to enjoy the positive Nicotine effects.
    • Nicotine can elevate mood, increase cognitive abilities, and give you a boost if taken in a controlled amount by inhaling Nicotine juice using an E Cig.
    • The drug has tremendous potential in medicines, so us being biased about the chemical needs some re-thinking.   
    • Is Nicotine vapor bad for you? It is not! You simply need to use the right delivery method for Nicotine, which is vaping.
    • Vaping Nicotine juice can give you pleasures of smoking a real E Cig as you can enjoy the purest form of Nicotine without incurring injury to your health due to ill effects of smoking.
    • While vaping Nicotine juice you can also tweak the Nicotine concentration and inhale it by mixing with the vape juice concentrate of your liking to customize your Nicotine vaping experience.
    • There is a tremendous variety of DIY flavored vape juice and Nicotine juice available on VapingZone-Online E Cig and Vaping Juice Store. If you know what concentration of Nicotine suits you the best, you can enjoy Nicotine the way you want.
    • You have the power to use Nicotine as a wonder drug through vaping and tweaking its concentration in your E-juice.

Happy Vaping!!!  

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