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Mod Your Vaping Experience With the Eleaf iStick TC 40 Watt Box Mod

Mod Your Vaping Experience With the Eleaf iStick TC 40 Watt Box Mod

You may love your e-cigarette, but are you curious about modding it? Then you’ve come to the right place. The wide range of products available can feel quite daunting, but once you know what’s what you can tailor your vaping experience with ease.

Where to start?

If you’d like to customize your battery, a box mod may be the answer. Like all your electronic devices, you may find that the battery on your e-cigarette dies just when you need it the most, and it’s not always convenient to stop and charge it.

Scott’s Mods describes just how far the box mod has come in the last decade. In the beginning, enthusiasts in their garages were modifying old flashlight tubes and similar objects, creating better battery packs for their e-cigarettes. Now, there’s a huge range of box mods that can make your e-cigarette last the distance, or at least until you can get home and charge it.


Why the Eleaf iStick TC 40 Watt Box Mod?

The iStick blends the ingenuity of the early modders with some fantastic recent technological advances. It’s small enough to fit comfortably in your hand, but yet delivers fantastic battery life. The device can reach up to 40 watts, perfect if you’re looking for a more powerful device.

As well as this, the iStick features the new temperature control device, allowing you to decide just how hot your device should run. If you’re specific about how your e-cigarette should run, or are looking to find ways to save power with your device, this could be a really useful feature for you.


How else can an e-cigarette be modded?

The ways are almost endless. You can change the appearance of your e-cigarette, which some modders have done with some beautiful results. You can also alter the batteries used, the atomizers or RDAs for creating vapor from your e-liquid, or even the heating coils and wicks. It’s up to you just how deep you want to get into creating your own vaping experience.


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