Kanger Subtank Plus 7ml TankBuilt up on the original Kanger Subtank with a 6ml capacity, the Kanger Subtank Plus is truly an upgrade with a lot of ironed out some minor flaws that folks took issue with in the original Subtank.

The Subtank plus is both a clearomizer and a RBA (re-buildable atomizer) that promises excellent sub-ohm vaping. You can easily switch from the Japanese organic cotton coil (OCC) head to the RBA head.

What do you get in the Kanger Subtank Plus box?

Neatly packaged in a red and black slide box is the Kanger Subtank Plus 7ml Tank made with strong pyrex glass, a warning card about priming the wick, and an extensive instruction manual that in addition to the basic information also talk about the rebuildable part.

The box also contains a spare tank, with 1.2 ohm coil, a RBA section, 510 drip tip, additional O-rings, a screw driver, screws and organic cotton.

Kanger Subtank Plus 7ml Tank

As the name indicates, the 25 mm subtank plus has a higher juice capacity than its predecessor. The 7 ml makes it easy to vape continuously without having to refill a lot. Going on a road trip or will be out the entire day with no time to refill? This baby has you sorted.

A welcome reprise is the improved airflow. The airflow is through slots rather than the three holes that the original tank had. The flow can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Like Aspire, the slots are covered by different sized holes in the background. So if you twist to the maximum- to the largest hole- that is almost the size of the slot you get denser vapor. Manipulate this further to cover the slot with a smaller hole and you get better tasting vape.

It goes from fully open to a small airflow opening to mid-sized openings. You can adjust this to find your sweet spot. Some folks complained of dry hit issues they faced with the original Kanger Subtank, this should probably help with that.

The 0.5 ohm heads for which the wattage ratings of 15- 30 watts and for the 1.2 ohm head the recommendation is 12 – 25 wattage. The instructions are both printed on the heads and in the instruction manual.

One of the most notable changes is the switch to RBA section. With the Subtank Plus, you can easily insert without going through the hassles of unscrewing the top every time you want to change.

You can also change the O-rings from the red ones already on the tank to a new set of black rings, if it suits your style.

What to note

It is important to prime the coil before you use the tank to vape. In fact, do this before anything else.

If the coils aren’t moist and saturated it would burn instantly, on the first drag itself.

If you have no idea of sub-ohm vaping or the voltage and wattage adjustment, make sure to do your research. The instruction manual is a good place to begin. The comprehensive information will give you a good insight into how you can safely enjoy sub-ohm vaping with the Kanger Subtank Plus.

Choose your batteries carefully. Depending upon the head you have screwed on plus your vaping requirements, you’d need high-drain powerful batteries that are both compatible and can safely fire this thing.

Unlike the Kanger Subtank 6m in the Kanger Subtank Plus 7ml the 510 pin isn’t spring loaded. Although personally there’s no complaint of incompatibility with box mods but anyway that is something to know.

Overall the Kanger Subtank Plus has an upper hand in terms of functionality and features. The ease of use and quick switching is the reason why this is touted as an upgrade and the Kanger’s best till date.