Kanger subbox mini kitMost vapers thought Kanger struck gold with its KBOX regulated box mod. Covering all the major requirements plus factoring in safety concerns, it was an instant hit.
Improving upon the original design, the Kanger SUBOX Mini Kit is a scaled down version with a couple of necessary tweaks and a sleek, elegant look.

What you get in the box:
- Kanger SUBOX Mini 50w box mod
- 2 OCC coils (0.5 ohm and 1.5 ohm)
- Japanese cotton wick
- RBA Mini plus head
- USB cable
- Manual
- Some extra screws
- Screwdriver

First Look

You got to be impressed by the way it looks. Both the black with red and white with black accents look sleek and sexy. Plus the matching box mod and tank combination (if you are using the tank provided) gives it a superior look.

Kanger subox mini

The black and red looks mean, but the white and black SUBOX Mini looks more like a storm trooper.

The Basics

The SUBOX Mini mod has the usual power button on top, then the OLED screen and then the up and down button. The display shows all your voltage wattage details plus your battery level.

The USB port is at the bottom right below the power up and power down buttons. Also since this enables pass-through charging you can safely vape while the device is connected to the USB charger.

What’s different?

Improved design and heat control

Although the Kanger SUBOX mini looks pretty much like any normal box mod, the design is slightly cylindrical. Now this cylindrical built provides a better grip and the superior quality matte finish prevents slip up especially if you have sweaty hands. Also, note that the SUBTANK mini comes with a ceramic coated body but the box mod doesn’t. It’s just good quality paint.

If you’ve ever vaped on the KBOX at 30+ watts, you’d have noticed both a hotter vape, and a coil prone to overheating. This problem has been eliminated in SUBOX Mini since Kanger making some substantial changes overall, like redesigned vertical coils and improved air flow.

vapingzone kanger subox mini kitImproved RBA

Probably the best part of the entire upgrade, the RBA comes with a few noticeable changes. First off is that it has holes on the sides instead of at the bottom for improved wicking.

Then the mechanics have changed. You don’t need to twist and untwist to wick anymore. There’s a screw on the side and with the screwdriver provided just unscrew this and the barrel comes off. It’s good idea to use more cotton for wicking so that they sit snug on the juice flow holes and absorb the e-liquid. Kanger’s official video explains about the RBA in detail.

SUBOX Mini Tank

If you regularly switch between OCC to RBA you need this, period. This is one of the very few tanks that make this switch easy and quick.
kanger subox vaping

The ceramic coated tank comprises vertical coils and the air flow slots are of different sizes, which translate into the improved air flow. If yours is a new tank you’d take some time adjusting the air flow since these are tighter.

Voltage Wattage Chart

Another thing you get in the SUBOX Mini box is a chart that basically preps you up on how to soak the new coil plus it has a voltage wattage chart giving you the best combinations for different flavor experiences and which combination is good for what type of vaping. Like at 1.5 ohm you can run wattage of 10 – 26 with 20 to 40 % of VG and that you need 22 watts or less as your go high up on the percentage. This is especially helpful for vapers who are new to voltage wattage vaping. Also talking of vapor density, so as it is with most box mods, the density differs with your wattage choice. While at 20 watts you’d be able to vape a decent cloud, at 40 the vapor is more and the taste more delectable.

Some folks complain of dry hits at higher wattages. Fortunately, there has been no complaints of dry hits even at 40 up watts. This could be because of the vertical coils and better airflow. And if you are wondering what that black sticker was that came within your box, that’s to cover your battery the same color as your case so you wouldn’t be bothered if you OCD about your battery color standing against your mod color.

Overall, the Kanger SUBOX Mini Kit is bang for your bucks and one of the best box mod and tank combos out there.