One great thing about Innokin is the company listens to its customers.The iSub G Tank has lots of features that assuage many complaints vapors have voiced. From the no-spill-swap system to the e-juice splash grill, there is plenty to like about the iSub G.IndoorSmokers also pointed out the air shaft sticks up from the edge of the e-liquid tank, so liquid won’t spill into the air piece and go into the user’s mouth.

Box mod

The Cool Fire IV is another of the Innokin e cig products fans love. This mod has a lot of convenient features such as the on/off switch on the bottom the unit instead of the usual five-click button on the side.Another aspectusers appreciate is the spring-loaded port for a 510 standard tank. There is also an ego adapter.


The mod is compact enough that users will not look like they’re holding a spaghetti box when vaping. Tia Vapes says the mod is great for beginners and intermediates.There are lots of safety features on the device from over-discharge protection to short-circuit protection.

Not everyone is into rebuildable coils and manual wicking, so the Innokin line is a great solution. Vapers can spend their time vaping instead of twisting Kanthal around a screwdriver. Although high-wattage mods produce a big cloud, they tend to do so at the cost of flavor and add a lot of heat.


Mechanical vaping

A mechanical mod has no electronics in it, according to Grand Vapor Station. At most, It’s a tank, a battery and a mouth piece. An RBA is a rebuildable atomizer. With these types of vaporizers, safety is an issue. Users must pay attention to the limits of the battery and the ohms the coils in the atomizer produce.

Without an ohm reader and an ohm calculator to check the numbers, the batteries could short out. Digital mods regulate voltage and wattage to ensure safety and help users avoid dry hits.


Drip vaping regresses even further from convenient vaping. Essentially, the user goes without a tank and drips e-liquid directly onto the wick then replaces the drip cap and vapes. The user usually has to repeat the process after a couple of pulls to avoid a dry hit.