Store Banner Innokin Cool Fire IV shadowfix 2This little beauty of a box mod pictured above is Innokin's newest, and arguably the best, mod to sport the name “Cool Fire.” It comes in 4 eye-pleasing colors, and its design is uniquely art-deco inspired. Innokin made sure the new Cool Fire isn't only about style, though. From first glance all the way through a closer inspection reveals that the Cool Fire IV is unquestionably a creation born from the meeting of high quality materials and flawless assembly. The tight seams and flowing design really are a sign that this mod deserves a place in your mod collection. And if you're a rather new vaper, you should consider trying one of these as your all-day vape.

Basic Features

One of the great things about the Cool Fire IV is that it is very easy to use, and isn't so different that it would require a learning curve if you've already been vaping for awhile. It has the same standard features as many other mods, like a 510 connector, USB passthrough port, Variable Voltage & Variable Wattage modes, and a flippable screen. Some interesting tweaks do make it a more user-friendly mod. On the Cool Fire IV, the USB port is thankfully on the side instead of the bottom. This means you can leave the mod standing naturally while it charges at your desk or table. The built-in lanyard loop means you don't need an extra collar, sleeve, or ring to hook a lanyard onto it. The use of an internal battery means that changing batteries is a non-issue. One of my favorite features is that the beautiful finish of the Cool Fire IV isn't a smudge magnet, so your mod will look clean and new all day long.

User's Opinion

Ever since I saw the Cool Fire IV I wanted one. I didn't even need to ask about the features and specs. I thought maybe my original Kanger SUBTANK would hang over the edge a bit, but to my surprise, it's perfectly flush with the mod. The Innokin Cool Fire IV has replaced my Cloupor Mini as my all-day vape, and it has given me absolutely no performance problems over the last month or so of use. I vape at about 20 watts all day and never get a dry hit. As far as maintenance is concerned, there really hasn't been any. I'm confident you'll get the same enjoyment from the Cool Fire IV as I have, so come on over to VapingZone and check out the Innokin Cool Fire IV.