Vaping seems interesting, but isn't it expensive?

If you're interested in switching from smoking to vaping, you're likely to weigh the cost between the two. While the amount per year spent on tobacco cigarettes is greater, the initial investment in an electronic cigarette doesn't seem to be very affordable either. However, there’s a way to save yourself a great deal of money in the long run. It all comes down to refilling e-cig tanks yourself. Since many vapers happen to start vaping with disposable e-cigs/vape pens they've purchased at a convenience store, drug store, or supermarket, they tend to be used to buying a pre-filled “disposable” cartridge or clearomizer bundled with a cheap starter kit. This, however, is not the standard for the industry. Refillable clearomizer tanks, particularly clearomizers, have become the standard in the vaping industry when it comes to e-cig tanks.

When it comes down to saving money with vaping, refillable tanks are definitely the way to go. Most vapers nowadays purchase their clearomizers or e-cig tanks empty/dry, and refill them when the tank is nearly empty. If the clearomizer comes with a replaceable coil, the same clearomizer tank may be refilled and reused many, many times. If your clearomizer has a built-in coil, then you can typically expect a 2 to 3 week life out of a single e-cig tank or clearomizer, until the coil inside it can no longer perform at an acceptable rate. Just imagine how much money you could save by vaping with a refillable clearomizer, rather than tossing away a clearomizer every day or two.

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Refillable E-Cig Tank Designs

Refilling a clearomizer tank is very simple, but can vary depending on which basic design you have. What these designs have in common, though, is that they all share several basic components. These include an e-liquid tank, a base, a center tube, and a mouthpiece. No matter what the design of your clearomizer, though, you should always remove it from your e-cigarette battery while refilling it, in order to ensure that in the event of an accidental spill, excess e-liquid does not flood the connection and/or circuitry of your electronic cigarette battery.

Bottom-Fill Clearomizers

In order to refill a bottom-fill clearomizer or e-cig tank, begin by turning your clearomizer upside-down, and unscrewing the base (which would now be at the top) from the tank. Failure to refill this type of clearomizer upside-down will result in spillage. After removing the base of the clearomizer, it may be set aside. Next, you can begin refilling your tank with e-liquid. You will notice while viewing the inside of the tank, that there is a metal tube in the center. Make sure that all of the e-liquid you dispense into the tank goes in the area between this center tube and the outer tank wall. Also, please be sure to stop filling the tank before the liquid level is high enough to spill into the center tube. If this process was performed successfully, you'll now be holding a fully refilled clearomizer tank. You're free to screw the base of the tank back on securely, but not too tightly. Now that your base is secure, and is sealing the liquid in, the clearomizer no longer needs to be held upside-down. Reconnect it to your battery and enjoy your vape. Following are the examples of bottom fill clearomizer tank.

Kanger T3s EGo 2.2 Ohm Bottom Coil Clearomizer Tank - Kanger t3s holds about 3 mL e-liquid. You can also get Kanger T3S Clearomizer pack of 5.

Kanger eVod eGo Bottom Coil Clearomizer Tank 2.2 ohm- Kanger Tech eVod eGo/510 threaded single Bottom Coil Clearomizer: The Kanger eVod is a bottom coil clearomizer vape tank with eGo connection. The Kanger eVod vape coil is 2.2 ohm. It holds about 1.7mL ecig liquid.

Top-Fill Clearomizers

Clearomizers that are filled from the top can be simpler to refill. In this case, a mouthpiece/and or a top cap must be removed. These top-fill clearomizers will also have a center tube to avoid, but you don't have to worry about turning them upside down during refilling. Simply remove the top piece, and refill the tank with e-liquid, making sure to stop before the liquid reaches the top of the center tube. Replace the top/mouthpiece, and you're good to go. Following are the example of the top fill clearomizer vape tanks.

SMOKTech TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Vape Tank- SMOKTech TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Vape Tank is designed for users that yearn for performance exceeding even that of the original Smok TFV8 Tank.

Eleaf Ello 4ML Clearomizer Tank - The ELLO Clearomizer featuring all-new HW series coils, delivers a supreme vaping experience with an accurate robust vape flavor. The retractable top fill system makes it simple to fill. Just slide the drip tip back to reveal the fill port.

Refilling Accessories

E-Liquid Bottles: For some vapers, refilling their e-cig tanks directly from their e-liquid bottles is just fine. These bottles will have a suitable tip on them for refilling tanks, and will be made of squeezable plastic, so that e-liquid may be dispensed from the bottle in a controlled manner. Other vapers might prefer to use other methods of refilling their e-cig tanks, depending on whether or not their e-liquid was shipped to them inside a glass bottle, and also depending on personal preference.

Droppers/Pipettes: Some e-liquid bottles come with a dropper or pipette built into the cap. These are an alternate popular refilling accessory, and may be purchased separately. They feature a squeezable bulb attached to a reservoir which allows the user to suck up e-liquid into the dropper, and then dispense it into their e-cig tank.

Vape Syringes: Lastly, some vapers prefer to use a syringe. These come in multiple designs, any of which may suit a vaper's preference. Some vapers are comfortable enough with metallic needle syringes, which can have either a blunt or sharp tip. If you'd rather have something safer, plastic-tipped syringes are also available. Syringes often come with graduated measurements on the side, and are easily the most accurate refilling accessory as they offer the most control in regard to e-liquid loading and dispensing.

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