How to Master Vaping e- Cigarettes in 30 days How to Master Vaping e- Cigarettes in 30 days

Quit smoking and master vaping e-Cigarettes in 30 days. Sounds too good to be true? Think you can’t do it? Challenge yourself to kick-start your journey to e-cig vaping. The transition is not easy, but definitely achievable.

Get an e-Cigarette trial. The procedure is simple once you get the feel of it. From day one, you will have such a different experience with e-cigs that you would never want to smoke again. The smoke that has scarred your lungs will soon be replaced by vapor produced by e-cig liquid/juice.

Plan a gradual switch to e-Cigarettes

The first 10 days can be difficult for some folks.. Set realistic goals. Don’t be hard on yourself saying “I’ll completely switch over to vaping in a day or a week,” if you are smoking like a pack or two a day.

A heavy smoker might need days to about a month to replace the habit of smoking, with vaping. The change has to be gradual. Try tobacco and menthol flavor to begin with, to get the analog cigarette feel.

Prepare your mind and body to make the switch. Till now your body recognizes only chemicals from your cigarette, and might be reluctant to accept the simpler liquid nicotine.

Create the vaping habit. Just like you did with smoking. Make the vape more available than a smoke. Carry it everywhere. Unlike your cigarette, an e-cig is welcome everywhere.

Try as many different e-cig juice flavors each day from day1 to day 31. The point is to get used to vaping flavor concentrates. Liquid Nicotine for e-juice delivers the nicotine minus the smoke and tobacco.

By the end of a month, you will feel the change. You will have a much better immune system, food will taste better, your sense of smell will be reinvigorated, you will no longer be coughing, and you can bid farewell to bad breath.

Methods and Techniques of Vaping e-Cigs

The choice is really yours. The method of vaping differs from person to person just like how unique we all are. You can do a puff, primer puff, mouth inhale, lung inhale, deep lung, a "french" hit, or a pacifier mode depending on your mood and your need to impress. Watch videos on procedures to use an e-cig Mod, and various methods of vaping.

Tips & Tricks to Master Vaping e-Cigs

  • Use disposable e-cigs to start with, and according to your comfort level move over to other Mechanical Vaping Mods that last longer.

  • Research well on which vendor gives you the best e-cig deal with accessories, or try an e-Cigarette trial offer.

  • Nicotine strengths vary from 0-24mg. Nicotine strength test kits is available. Choose one that can satisfy your cravings. You can even choose a zero nicotine e-cig liquid or e-cigarettes without nicotine. 12mg is the most popular liquid nicotine choice among vapers.

  • Drawing needs patience and has to be practiced to get utmost results. It takes a while to get the effect from an e-Cig compared to your regular cigarette.

  • You have to pull the e-cig slow and steady, unless you want the liquid nicotine to enter your mouth.

  • Once you learn to draw from a Mechanical Vaping Mod, you will get more vapor, flavor and throat hit. There is no need to inhale the vapor as you do with an analog cigarette.

  • To find the right e-Liquid/ Juice that suits you, always try the vaping e-Juice samples first.

  • You can even mix different e-Juices to create a unique one to pamper your taste buds.

  • e-cigs cost much less when compared to traditional cigarettes in the long run. Once you buy the Mechanical Mod, you can save more if you order and buy the e-Liquid in bulk.

  • You should be careful while fitting the atomizer or cartomizer, and should avoid over-tightening, as it might damage your Vaping Mod.

  • Always keep your device dry or waterproof.

  • To make your e-Cig last longer, make sure you cleanse your atomizer and cartridge.

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