How to Make Vape Juice: Vape Juice Recipe 101

Are you a regular e-Cigarette user? Are you a proud vaper, interested to make vape juice on your own? Are you tired of buying vape juice and bored of standard E-juice flavors?

If yes, you have landed on the right page.

Make Vape Juice, Vape Juice Recipe
How to make Vape Juice- Vape Juice Recipe

Making your own homemade vape juice is easy. You can do it yourself (DIY) with the help of few simple steps outlined here. Making your own vape juice is not only exciting but also a lot of fun. You can even make it a routine activity for team building, and compete with your office colleagues to make vape juice at a cheap price.

But before going for E-juice recipes, let us have a look at what does it actually mean and what does go in it? They say half knowledge is a dangerous thing, better we understand what we are making before we inhale it.

For a quick review of vaping glossary, you can check this ultimate vaping guide. After all, you should know your vape terms.

What is Vape Juice?

Vape juice, also popularly known as E-juice, Nicotine juice, E-liquid or Vapor juice is literally fuel for your e-Cigarette.

Generally, vape juice contains three major components –

  • Bases: These include Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). The bases make up to 80-90% of total.
  • Vape Flavors: There is a variety of vape flavors available in the market. E-juice flavors make up to 10-20% of total.
  • Nicotine: The best vape juices contain Nicotine at 0-2.4% of total volume.

We, at VapingZone- Vapes For Sale, use high-quality food grade E-juice flavors, and pharmaceutical grade pure Nicotine.

So, only three components! That should be easy to make at home, huh?

Yes, it is easy. Let’s find out from where to buy E-juice ingredients, how to mix your own vape juice, and how to make the best and cheap homemade vape juice.

How may Vaping Zone help you to make vape juice on your own?

Vaping Zone is always there to help you with all your vaping needs to help you make your cheap E-juice.

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Let’s Dive into the Chemistry of the Fantastic Three

Now you know that there are three major components that go into the juice. Let’s have a deeper insight into the chemistry and ‘good, bad, evil’ forms of these chemicals which you intend to inhale.

Vape juice recipe is more like a scientific experiment, and you have to be a bit more careful with the proportions of ingredients.

1. VG and PG

Vape Juice VG or PG
Vape Juice VG or PG
  • VG and PG have the highest proportion in the juice.
  • As we discussed, VG makes up to 80% of vape juice in combination with PG. This proportion could be 100/0 VG/PG, 50/50 VG/PG, 80/20 VG/PG.
  • Both VG and PG have been federally approved for use in food and drugs.
  • PG is relatively thinner and has a throat heating effect as you inhale it. So, more the PG, more the throat heating.
  • VG is relatively thicker and has a milder throat heating effect than PG.
  • Because of its thickness VG does not get vaporized immediately and may require additional heating.
  • When PG and VG are mixed in the proportions given above, you will get the best E-juice. These proportions are company standards and are made such that you will have a great vaping experience.

2. Nicotine Juice

Liquid Nicotine Vape E Cig Juice
Liquid Nicotine Vape E Cig Juice
  • If you are a hardcore smoker converted to vaping as an alternative, but still dream about good old smoking days, there is an option for you in terms of liquid Nicotine.
  • You can also buy Nicotine at a wholesale price at Vaping Zone, to reduce the overall cost of making your own juice.
  • Liquid Nicotine is potent. It may even turn out to be fatal, if not used properly. So, read very carefully how to use Nicotine Juice.
  • Let me first remind you that vaping is a different ball game, it is not the same as smoking.
  • Undiluted (some prefer calling it ‘neat’) liquid Nicotine is your gateway to heaven. It should not be consumed unless heavily diluted.
  • While handling Nicotine juice, if it falls on your skin or eyes, you may get acute sickness, permanent blindness, or even worse death.
  • I highly recommend using gloves and lab goggles, as well as other safety equipment while handling Nicotine juice. For a detailed safety instructions to use liquid nicotine juice, follow this amazing resource.
  • Nicotine juice should be kept out of reach of children and should be heavily diluted for the use in vape juice.
  • Read this safety notice for following Nicotine Juice part –

The following article is meant for distributing ideas and information on making vape juice. Anyone following this article is doing it on his/her risk. Vaping Zone will not be held responsible for injuries or mishap to users and others while they make vape juice.”

  • So, what Nicotine levels do you want? Generally, 12 mg and 18 mg is what is preferred, but you can even go higher to up to 36 mg at your own risk.
  • It is not mandatory to use Nicotine Juice in your vape juice. A Nicotine-free juice also called as zero nicotine vape is the best vape juice for you and others.

3. E-juice Flavors

  • E-juice flavor is an option, but a rather interesting option.
  • You can make flavor-free juice, but there is no fun in it.
  • Up to 10% of E-juice flavor is recommended. You can even go higher to up to 20%. Perhaps you will need to check which proportion pleases you the most on a trial and error basis.
  • Vaping Zone offers a multitude of essence E-juice flavors and gourmet e liquids.

Now, you have a nearly complete knowledge of what is what; let’s start our step-wise recipe for DIY vape juice.

Make Vape Juice: Vape Juice Recipe 101

What do you need to make vape juice?

  • Chemicals – VG, PG, Nicotine juice, and flavors.
  • Equipment – Rubber gloves, safety goggles, bottles, containers, and syringes
  • From where to buy vape juice ingredients and equipment – Vaping Zone
Buy Nicotine Liquid and E Liquid
Buy Nicotine Liquid and E Liquid

Let’s make vape juice –

Step 1. Determine the expected Nicotine concentration

  1. Determine how many mg of Nicotine you need in making your vape juice. Use this simple formula to calculate it –
  1. (Strength in mg/ml) X (Volume in ml) = Amount of Nicotine in mg

Example – If you want to make 8 mg/ml of 100 ml vape juice. You need 100 X 8 = 800 mg of Nicotine juice for your 100 ml vape juice.

  1. The next formula is (Amount needed) / Strength of diluted Nicotine) = Volume to use

Example – If you have 100 mg/ml diluted Nicotine, you will need 800 mg / (100 mg/ml) = 8 ml of Nicotine juice.

  1. If you think this is confusing, please write to me or use this DIY vape juice calculator.

Step 2. Extract Nicotine from the container and transfer it to bottle

Step 3. Choose your E-juice flavors and their amount (remember the 10-20% proportion)

  1. Just like you measured Nicotine juice, you have to measure E-juice flavors.
  2. If you want 10% E-juice flavors in your total mix, you have to take 10 ml of E-juice flavor concentrate in 100 ml of your total vape juice (that includes Nicotine juice and bases).
  3. Go back to the previous examples, in which, we are making 100 ml of vape juice. So for 100 ml of vape juice, you need 10 ml of E-juice flavor concentrate for maintaining 10% proportion.

Step 4. Measure and add bases

  1. As I told you, you can mix, VG and PG in various proportions and VG and PG together make up around 80-100% of vape juice.
  2. Let’s revisit our protocol so far. We want to make 100 ml of juice. We added 8 ml of Nicotine juice and 10 ml of E-juice flavorings so far. We still have 82 ml to take care of. This is approximately 80% of total juice volume.
  3. We can now add 80 ml of VG and PG mix. The proportion of VG and PG mix is as per your choice –
  1. If you want VG/PG as 100/0, simply use 80 ml of VG and no PG. The end result will be a thicker E-juice that gives milder throat heating.
  2. If you want VG/PG as 80/20, simply use 60 ml of VG and 15 ml of PG. The end result will be relatively thinner E-juice that gives a bit harder throat heating.
  3. If you want VG/PG as 50/50, simply use 40 ml of VG and PG each. The end result will be much thinner E-juice that gives a harsh throat heating.

Step 5. Close the bottle lid and shake it vigorously

  1. That shaking matters a lot. Shake the mixture as vigorously as you can.
  2. In case your hand gets tired, ask for help, perhaps to your vaper friend.
  3. There is an alternative to facilitate shaking – an artificial shaker. You can make your own shaker for preparing e liquid for Vaping by following this video.

Step 6. Steep

  1. Aristotle once said, “Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet”. For the best vape juice, you need to steep!
  2. Steeping is a procedure of soaking for extracting flavors.
  3. Steeping vape juice is an art and you need to master it. All it requires is patience.
  4. Does this remind you of how some of the food items containing meat, garlic, onion tastes even better when kept in a refrigerator for a day or two? This happens because the flavors blend so well that you find an enhancement in the taste. Steeping is exactly the same.
  5. Steeping, with the bottle cap open, facilitates interactions between the juice chemicals and oxygen allowing the flavors to blend together.

  6. The steeping time could be a day to several weeks, depends upon how sweet a fruit (of your patience) you want to eat!
  7. You must have heard the saying ‘old wine tastes better’, well guess what, it applies to vape juice as well.

Step 7. Enjoy your homemade best and cheap vape juice

Wrapping Up

Making your own E-juice is a really an awesome way to try new vaping sensations.

You can easily make your own best and cheap vape juice by following certain guidelines outlined in this article.

Key things to keep in mind while making vape juice, Nicotine juice, and using E-juice flavors is the chemicals and safety related to each of them.

Nicotine juice is a dangerous thing, so please be careful handling it.

To make vape juice is simple, if you get your proportions and maths right, and have aristotical patience.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and I am sure you are all set to try out newer and newer vape juice combinations.

Do write to me your experience with making your own vape juice. If you face any difficulties, we at VapingZone would love to help. So, what are you waiting for? Make vape juice at your home now!