Travelling With E Cigarettes On A Plane


Are you a regular vaper and travel often? Are you regular flier who dreams of vaping in the air? Do you get conscious at airport security check when you are carrying an E Cigarette in your pocket? Are you flying with your vape?

If so, you should read this blog post! First thing first, let us tell you that most airlines allow carrying your personal E Cig in your carry on bag! Hope, this comes as great news, but, hey, hold your horses, there is more to it!

Imagine, you travel abroad, let’s say, to Hong Kong! Everyone knows, well you know it very well, that you are a sincere traveller, always checking your cabin bags twice before packing them. Being a traveller, you know what goes where and what you should avoid in the air. But that one thing, your favorite buddy, your E Cigarette starter kits, what to do with that?

E Cigarettes are not harmful. Well, they may produce vape, but that is not carcinogenic like traditional cigarette smoke, nor it can be used to harm anyone. So, logically it makes sense to carry it on your flight. Isn’t it?

Wish, life would have been that easy!

Carrying an E Cigarette on a flight is not banned totally but there are certain rules and regulations you must know if you are travelling abroad.

The rules vary as per country and airline, but this article should provide you with an adequate amount of information to make your journey enjoyable and stress-free.

Flying with Your Vape – general suggestions

  • You know what vaping means to you! Some can’t go without vaping even for a second, while many of you can switch on and off between vaping as and when you wish.

  • If you come under the latter category; if you are the god of your wishes, we recommend you avoid carrying E Cig while travelling by flight. No E Cig, no hassles, it is that simple! But what is the fun if you do not carry your vape abroad!

  • Most airlines are cooperative enough to carry your vape on the plane. But it is highly recommended that you check with your airline beforehand to confirm this.

  • You can carry small amounts of E-liquid in clear sealed bottles if the quantity is under 100 ml limit, but you have to make sure that you display the liquid in a clear plastic bag to the security check. We advise that you first check the regulation with your airline.

E Cig Liquid
E Cig Liquid

Flying with Your Vape – Before you travel

  • We recommend you treat E Cig just like any other electronic device.

  • It is a good idea to disconnect E Cig batteries and remove them from the clearomizer vape tank. Turn off if you have any manual e cig battery.

  • You cannot place E Cig batteries in your checked in baggage. It is not allowed! All the batteries should go in cabin bag.

  • You need a good supply of your favorite E-liquid. So, carry it with you.

  • Although it is possible to get the E-liquid of your choice wherever you travel, at times, it could be either unavailable or too risky to buy from an unauthorized local shop.

  • We recommend you carry your own vape juice, preferably in a well-sealed bottle. You can carry it in your check-in bag.

  • Clearomizers may leak in the air. So, it is advisable that you empty your clearomizers before you travel.

Flying with Your Vape – Once in the air!

  • Vaping is strictly banned in planes. You must completely shut down your vaping temptation while you are in the air.

  • No! Don’t sneak a vape in flight toilets! We strictly do not recommend it. It is a strict No!

  • There are instances where vaping in flight toilets have set up fire alarms and the consequences of this, you can imagine, are not at all good.

  • Some airlines are extremely strict about E Cigs. Never ever think of vaping in flights.

  • People have been arrested and jailed for vaping in flight. Few airlines look at it as a serious offence. So, once again, we warn you not to vape in flight.

  • We advise you wrap your E Cigarette starter kits and E-liquids in a paper towel or place them in a Zip-lock bag.

  • This is to make sure that your E Cig does not leak as a response to change in air pressure as your plane climbs or descends in altitude.

  • Once on the plane, you cannot charge your E Cig. However, you can use a power bank or rechargeable kit to charge the E Cig. It is allowed.

Flying with Your Vape – at the terminal

  • This is a bit of setback for vapers, but most terminals do not allow vaping. In earlier days, the regulations on vaping at terminals were relatively lenient.

  • You can use the smoking area for vaping at terminals.

  • We can understand how embarrassing it may feel to vape in the smoking zone, especially if you are a smoker converted to vaping.

  • You should check with the airport terminal website first if there are designated smoking or vaping areas. For instance, Heathrow air terminal website mentions such a designated area. 

  • A relatively older article published USA Today provided a map of vape-friendly terminals. You may want to check with these terminals before you get there.

  • There is still confusion, with some saying that there is no blanket ban on vaping at US terminals, but we recommend you to choose to be on a safer side and contact the air terminal beforehand for any regulations regarding vaping.

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Flying with Your Vape – The Security Check

  • The security check is a nightmare for many of us. The unnecessary nervousness while undergoing security check can really stress you, especially if you are carrying an E Cig and are not aware of rules and regulations of flying with your vape.

  • There are real stories of travellers’ E Cigs getting confiscated and parts of E Cigs getting misidentified as bullets. These are indeed dreadful stories!

  • Generally security personnel from countries where E Cigarettes are legal know about E Cigs well and can handle travellers carrying E Cigs with comfort.

  • The real problem is when you land in a country where security personnel is least aware of the miraculous invention called E Cig. They can get highly confused and treat you as if you are committing a big-time crime.

  • In such situations, the first thing is to be patient. You should not lose your mind. You should be able to explain the security officers, what exactly you are carrying.

  • You should make sure that your E Cig batteries are fully charged, but separated from the instrument. When asked, you should be able to plug in the ecig battery and show the security officer how does the E Cig work. Maybe your skills earn you a vaper friend!

  • Another complication is when you are carrying DIY coil building equipment. Security officers can really get curious about the spare parts and may ask you to step aside and explain the purpose of the tiny spare parts in detail.

  • Again, in such situations, keep it cool and show them quickly how you assemble a vape coil and use in E Cig.

  • Remember, security officers are the people like us doing their job. You should understand them and deal with such situations patiently and calmly.

Flying with Your Vape – Vaping abroad

  • Vaping in you non-native country could be fun, but you have to make sure that vaping is allowed in the country you are landing in before you land.

  • Some countries are very strict about vaping in public. For example, if you are found vaping in Singapore, you will be charged a hefty $200 fine. Mind you; it’s a lot of money!

  • Singapore recently has loosened the fine is what we hear from our sources, but this is the situation.

  • The situation is even worse in Hong Kong, where Tobacco Asia reports that you may be charged $12,900 fine if you are found carrying E Cig and E-liquid, all because Hong Kong classifies E-liquid as poison!

  • But not all of the Asia is so negative about E Cigs. China, for instance, is the most E Cig friendly Asian country. Few other countries such as the Philippines do not have vape regulations at all.

  • Use of E Cigs at the UK is also not much complicated. Many European countries allow vaping.

  • Here is a continent-wide breakup of legality of vaping just for you,

1. Africa- Mostly legal, in some parts regulation unclear

2. America- Mostly legal

3. Europe- Mostly legal, in some parts regulation unclear

4. Australasia- Mostly legal

5. Asia- Mostly uncertain, legal only in some parts

Use of E Cigs at the UK
Use of E Cigs at the UK

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Flying with Your Vape – Enjoying Journey

  • We agree that there are so many things one should keep in mind while flying with an E Cig, but hey, that is the fun of it. Isn’t it?

  • If you must have read through this article, you must have got the idea that flying with your vape is not difficult; you just have to be careful.

  • You should understand that it is not illegal to carry E Cig. You do not need to hide anything from security while flying with your vape.

  • You should deal with the security officers and co-passengers with utmost care and patience so that they do not panic and take you as a sincere traveller.

  • Vaping at exotic places is a dream many vapers live. You can achieve it if you are a bit careful while travelling.

The Moral of the Story

  • You can carry E Cig on a plane; there is nothing illegal in it. You have to simply understand some rules and regulations before you fly with an E Cig.

  • The best approach towards avoiding any mess is not to carry an E Cig on a plane.

  • If you want to carry an E Cig on a plane, you should first charge it fully and separate batteries and keep it in your handbag.

  • You should carry your supply of E-liquid just in case if you do not find your flavor abroad.

  • While at security check you should show E Cig clearomizer and batteries to the security officer and if needed, should explain patiently how an E Cig works.

  • Never ever vape, do not even think of vaping on a plane.

  • Think twice and confirm that you are in a vaping designated area in a terminal before you vape.

  • Not all the countries consider E Cig legal; hence you should first gather information about it, or otherwise, you will be charged a heavy fine.

  • If you are careful enough, you can enjoy vaping abroad without any hassles.

There is joy in vaping in your non-native places. Do not miss it!

Happy Flying!

         Happy Vaping!!

                       Happy Shopping!!!

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