Evolution of Vaping Evolution of Vaping

Cigarettes became popular in the first half of the 20th century, but people knew they were unhealthy long before that – they were nicknamed “coffin nails” as early as 1888. Filters were invented in 1925 in an attempt to reduce the risk, and became popular in the 1950s, but there’s just no way to make inhaling hot smoke less dangerous. As scientists like to say, people smoke for the nicotine but they die from the smoke.

History Of Electronic Cigarettes-

Electronic cigarettes were designed to solve this problem, and they do it by eliminating smoke altogether. Instead, they release a heated and flavored vapor that usually contains nicotine. Because there’s no tobacco and no smoke, vaping an electronic cigarette is around 99% less dangerous than smoking – in fact it’s about as safe as drinking coffee. Millions of smokers around the world have already switched to vaping, which is why e-cigarettes have become big news over the last couple of years, but actually their history goes back over half a century.

The first electronic cigarette was designed by an American, Herbert A. Gilbert, who patented his “smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette” in 1963. It was a remarkably modern design, using disposable cartridges of flavored liquid, but it never went into production. Two things were against it; battery technology wasn’t advanced enough to pack enough power into such a small device, and smoking was a lot more widely accepted than it is now. There were no smoking bans in restaurants, bars or even airplanes, and more than half of American men smoked.

How Vaping Evolved-

Move on to 2003 and the world was a very different place. Smoking bans were becoming common, and public opinion had turned against the habit as the health risks became better known. When Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik’s father died of lung cancer he decided to invent something that gave the experience of smoking without the risks, and he had an idea a lot like Gilbert’s – using a heated vapor could replace tobacco smoke. This time there were powerful batteries available though, the lithium ion (li-ion) rechargeables that power most portable electronics, and he was able to build a working electronic cigarette. Fed with nicotine solution from a disposable cartridge, it was an instant success.

Evolution Of Vaping - E Cigarette Generations-

E-cigarettes started being sold outside China in 2007, and since then they’ve been developed and improved at an amazing rate. The original models used a separate atomizer – the heating element – that the cartridge slipped over. In 2006 two British vapers invented the cartomizer, which combines the two. This was a lot more reliable, and because every cartridge had a fresh atomizer performance was much better too. With this invention e-cigarettes became really practical and sales increased rapidly.

In 2010 the first “second generation” e-cigarette appeared, the eGo. This replaces the disposable cartomizer with a refillable tank, and it’s ideal for people who like to switch between different flavors. It’s now one of the most popular designs. Meanwhile some enthusiasts, wanting more vapor, started to modify flashlights so a cartomizer could be screwed in instead of a bulb. This idea was picked up by Chinese manufacturers and quickly developed into different styles of mod – some are mechanical, while others have sophisticated electronics that let users regulate the power level to give a more or less intense vape.

For a product that’s only been on the market a few years electronic cigarettes have developed with incredible speed. The latest models pack in more battery power, give more vapor and taste much better; whether it’s a big mod with all the features or a slim, convenient cigarette-style model they’re far ahead of Hon Lik’s original design. There’s a very simple reason so many smokers are switching; cigarettes aren’t just expensive and dangerous – they’re old technology, and even people who don’t want to quit are realizing that vaping is just better.

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