Etiquette for Vaping E-Cigarettes in Public Etiquette for Vaping E-Cigarettes in Public

Has someone ever stopped you from vaping in public? If your answer is yes, it might be because you were not practicing the best etiquette for vaping with e-cigarettes. The style of vaping and usage of e-cigs may vary from one person to another, but it all creates a cloud of water vapor. It would look like you are smoking!

You may have just moved from smoking to vaping after considering the ill effects of smoking. Congratulations! You have taken an important step to improve your health. Likewise, sensitivity to other people’s views/opinions on vaping is important, as well. It is true that vaping is much more accepted in public. Yes, it is smoke-free and odor-free. However, it produces a cloud of vapor that may irritate some.

Be kind and considerate to others. The non-vapers and non-smokers just might not understand the new form, and that you are vaping, instead of smoking. Why create trouble when it's so easy to follow the guidelines, style and right method of vaping while in public.

E-cig Vaping Etiquette in Public: The Rules

It is very important that vapers follow the right etiquette for vaping e-cigarettes. Try to limit the usage of e-cigs within the areas where you can use it guilt-free.

Never argue:

instead of trying to get into an argument about vaping with an unknown person on the street, it is better to not vape openly if you smell trouble. Vaping does not produce any harmful chemicals. You know it, but others do not.

Respect public:

respect the right of another person to the use of public space. Just don’t think ‘Hey, I’m only vaping and not smoking! Vaping can be done anywhere.’ It may not harm others. However, others might not like the cloud. Public opinion does matter. Vaping is a relatively new affair and a negative etiquette may harm the reputation of vapers.

Educate the curious minds:

share your vaping experience if someone asks you about it. Be polite. It is always better to educate a curious person’s mind than to leave them in doubt. Talk to your friends, family, co-workers about your e-cig. If they smoke an analog cigarette, then they might even want to change over to vaping an e-cig. Remember that you are representing something that is new to many people. They might want to know about it. Tell them it is cheaper and healthier than the traditional cigarettes.

Avoid Sharing:

while it is true that sharing is caring, avoid sharing your e-cig with your friends or those who ask you for a trial. The usage of an e-cig should be limited to you. If you prefer being lenient and don’t care about the cost, carry an unused spare with you and gift it to the other person. Remember to teach them how an e-cig works, and how vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking.

Be mindful of your vaping accessories:

do not leave your e-cig mods and accessories everywhere, especially where children or pets are likely to find it. Your cartridge might still have some nicotine left in it, and even old vaporizers left unattended might pose a threat to kids and pets.

When in public:

Always ask. Ask for permission to vape when you are at your friend’s place, in your friend’s car, restaurant, in a pub or club. Always be careful not to vape a cloud at someone’s face. Building a cloud is a fun thing to do, but not at others.

Be respectful of the vaping laws, and don’t vape at places where smoking is not allowed, or is illegal.

E-cig Vaping Etiquette: the Best Vaping Method and Style in Public

The best vaping method in public is to stealth vape.

You can stealth vape by

  • holding in the vapor for long, so there won’t be much to exhale

  • using light e-cig vape flavors

  • exhaling into a cup or into your sleeve rather than letting out a cloud of smoke

  • blowing the vapor above you or below you to your feet

  • taking small hits

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Happy Vaping!!!