eleaf 50 watt box mod

The Eleaf iStick 50 Watt Box mod is all the rage right now. This is Eleaf’s most powerful device till date and you’d be hard pressed to find a negative review of this bad boy.

Starting with the basics
The box contains the box mod, eGo connector, wall adapter, USB cable, and an instruction manual.

The Eleaf iStick 50 Watt has all the basic box mod features plus a few extras

- Goes from 5W to 50W. one of the best options in the variable wattage mods range.
- The eGo connector is perfect for those who still use eGo cone threaded devices
- Brass spring connector
- 4400 mAh battery
- Button lock facility
- Comes in 4 different colors

eleaf istick box mod

image courtesy www.eleafworld.com

Durable without being too heavy
If you pit it against other popular box mods, you’d notice that the iStick does boast of a good build quality without the added weight. Made with stainless steel with coating like that on a buffer, the mod is strong enough to survive numerous falls.

Even the threading is completely stainless steel adding to the durability point. They probably worked on the threading because of all the complaints with the iStick 20-watt threading issues where some folks found it to be too soft. Weighing 150 grams, the box is not only lighter but also a tad bit smaller in size compared to say Innokin MVP.
eleaf box mod

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The Eleaf iStick 50 W is an upgrade over the previous iStick 20 and 30-watt devices. Plus the spring loaded 510 connector makes it compatible with every clearomizer and tank, so you save up on buying any additional device compatible tank.

Screen and Buttons
The screen is the same across most of the box mods. You can see the battery level, the resistance, and the voltage and wattage number. It also shows how long you are vaping for. If your device is on charge, you can see the battery sign blinking even if the screen is completely out.

The power button is on the side of the mod, and the up and down buttons are right beside the screen. It’s the usual five clicks to switch on and off, 3 clicks to switch between voltage and wattage modes, and press both the up and down button to power lock.

Battery Life
The 4400 mAh battery is probably one of iStick 50’s best features. The battery alone could be the reason to pick up one of these box mods. But even though some would have wanted an a18650 battery, the LiPo battery on this one works and lasts fantastically long. Now the vape time frame is subjective and depends upon what wattage you fire this at. On an average, if you’re vaping at say 1.4 ohms and within 20 watts it should last you a minimum of 3 days. If you vape at its maximum potential, it’d still get you through the day. The Eleaf iStick 50 w is a pass-through device, which means that if you completely run out of battery and in need of an urgent vape just plug this to the USB charging port and you can start vaping as soon as it starts charging.

Safety Features
The iStick 50 comes packed with a number of safety features, some innovative ones too. There is the short circuit and low voltage protection feature that a lot of box mods come with. Plus the automatic power off and the new temperature Alarm function.
If your device hits 158 F, the mod will automatically shut down to cool off and ‘temp protection’ message pops up on the screen.

Overall, the Eleaf iStick 50 Watts Box Mod is a superior mod which is worth the investment and boasts of better ergonomics.