Cloupor Mini 30W VV/VW Box Mod

Cloupor Mini Box Mod

Cloupor Mini Full Feature Review

The Cloupor Mini box mod, the smallest of three in Cloupor’s box mod lineup, is ultra portable and packed with features. Today, I’ll be reviewing the Mini’s features and specs, as well as sharing some of the reasons why I love this tiny box mod.

Basics of the Cloupor Mini

At a quick glance, the Cloupor Mini is a round-edged box that fits quite nicely in the palm of one’s hand. One might wonder how a 30 watt device could be so small. On the face directly opposite of the controls are three shallow grooves which enhance grip. The magnetic battery door is also engraved with an array of divots to further improve grip. On the bottom face of the Cloupor Mini, you’ll find a micro USB port and a battery vent hole.

Why Cloupor Mini Users Love it So Much

I’m one of those vapers that goes through e-cig mods like a techie goes through smartphones and tablets. I’m always looking for the next best thing. I originally bought the Cloupor Mini as an on-the-go mod so I wouldn’t have to take my Cloupor T8 everywhere. However, I found that I began to leave the T8 at home or in my bag, and stick with the Cloupor Mini. Its small size and passthrough capability are just perfect for me. It also has plenty of power for my kanger subtank. As I write this article, it’s set to 23.5 watts, and the coil is reading 0.55 ohms. It’s currently charging on my computer’s usb hub (which is primarily how I charge it.) The Cloupor Mini can get pretty warm while charging on USB, though. To alleviate this problem, I simply place it near my desk fan. Even if the fan isn’t blowing air directly onto the mod, the airflow from below the fan is enough to keep the mod perfectly cool, even if I’m constantly picking it up to vape. If I don’t feel like charging via USB, I can simply swap batteries. This is especially simple because the sliding magnetic battery door doesn’t have screws, and it’s even easier to remove than the Cloupor T8’s magnetic battery door. Just slide the door down with your thumb, and pull it off. It’s going to take this mod either dying out through wear and tear or another seriously game-changing mod to get me to switch to anything else.

Cloupor Mini Specs

cloupor mini specs


Wrapping it all Up

All in all, the Cloupor Mini from Cloupor is my favorite device, and I’m sure it could be the right mod for many of you as well. If versatility, portability, comfort, and performance are all priorities for you, the Cloupor Mini is available right here at VapingZone.