Changing Trends of E-cigarettes in Social Media Changing Trends of E-cigarettes in Social Media

Social media is a constant in so many of our lives; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Social Media keeps us up on our friends, news, new products, trends, and so much more. When a huge trend hits, social media is one of the first places we’ll hear about it.

E-cigarettes are an alternative to regular cigarettes. They’re small, rechargeable devices that use nicotine vapor and lack the presence of carbon monoxide. Over the years we’ve heard a lot about these revolutionary devices, and over the years social media has shed light on different aspects of e-cigarette use and the companies that produce them.

One common trend in social media relating to e-cigarettes is the question: Are they safer than traditional cigarettes? For a while the consensus was they were 100% safe to smoke. This, of course, was later completely turned around claiming that e-cigarette use was even more harmful to the body than traditional cigarettes. Now, however, researchers are reporting that e-cigarettes are still harmful, due to the simple fact that inhaling nicotine (even in vapor form) is harmful, but that they are nowhere near as harmful as cigarettes that contain carbon monoxide among other dangerous chemical. This new development has been circulating through social media recently, leading to rises in e-cigarette purchases and shedding a new and better light on the e-cigarette companies.

Advertising is something that is another constant in social media, something nearly every company uses to meet their target audience. E-cigarette companies are no different, using social media to advertise their products. This has been met with a bit of resistance, with many stating that the use of social media to advertise e-cigarettes will lead to children and teenagers using them. However, there is no evidence to report this and the fact remains that, like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette use and purchases are limited to those over 18.

The fact is; the way we look at e-cigarettes evolves as the opinions expressed online and on social media evolves. They currently have an increasing presence on social media and in other areas of the Internet. They themselves are a growing trend that seems to be on the rise.

While it remains that no form of nicotine consumption can be completely safe, it’s a truly amazing thing that the e-cigarette companies have given us a safer alternative. With e-cigarettes they have managed to get rid of many of the most harmful toxins we take in with traditional cigarettes, as well as give us a much cheaper alternative to traditional smoking. Smoking is something that, for now, is here to stay. So, why don’t we embrace the healthier and cheaper alternative that e-cigarettes have given us? And while we are talking of social media, join us for a discussion on our facebook page.